Christmas gift

My thanks to my friend Christine in France for this beautiful ornie that she has sent me, I really love it Christine - Thankyou.

Well my Christmas tree is now up - Mark wanted the smaller tree this year so its got miniature ornies on it as it stands about 2 foot high. The garland is on the mantlepiece and what a headache it gave me this year - it must have been because I was doing it last night and time was getting on and I was tired - I started at 5pm and finished at 10:20pm and that was just the lounge !!! The garland managed to fall off twice and I broke 3 glass ornies, which I was quite upset about but never mind it was my own fault. When I have come in from work tonight, Mark had turned the lights on and they look great. I wish the weather was so that we could put out the outside lights we are having gale force winds and rain!!

I have some exchange pics to show again, one I sent to SBEBB exchange and one I have received from Stitching Robins board, plus I'll take some pics of the tree and garland. So watch this space !!


lena-lou said...

This is stunning from Christine, I know she is French but this does looks very french the way it is finished.
I've got my icicles outside up and switched on but have nothing done inside...........tonight it will be done, I hope ;)

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely ornament and so Christmassy! You lucky girl I'm sure it will look really pretty when you hang it up.
How sad that you broke some of your glass ornaments, each year we lose 2 or 3. I always hope it won't be the really old ones we have from when I was a little girl many many years ago :>)
I'm sure your garland was worth it in the end.
Hugs Angela

Nicki said...

How beautiful! :)

mainely stitching said...

Wow, Su, that's a lovely ornie. And gosh, what a garland ordeal! I'm glad you could enjoy the lights tonight when you got home. :)

Anne S said...

What a beautiful ornie from Christine - I love the beaded tassels on the edging, that's really unusual and pretty :) Sorry to hear about the glass ornies breaking - sounds like my Mum and you had the same problem this year ... nothing beats coming home to a festive room, though, once it's all completed :D

Cathy B said...

So many lovely ornaments Su!

I spent all of yesterday putting our Christmas decorations up. Then today I spent the better part of the day helping my mother decorate her house - it is exhausting isn't it? But in the end, it makes the house look so lovely! Just like your pretty mantle!


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