A Pyramid

I was inspired by a gift that NatalieJo had been given and she gave us the pleasure of seeing on her Blog. Its a Pyramid.

Now this one is just a bit rough as I haven't quite perfected it all so forgive any glaring mistakes to it. The whole putting together involved a lot of swearing and gritted teeth and it was almost binned but dear ole Mark kept me calm and offered words of encouragment as did Helen when I rang her. I kept checking how it looked on NatalieJo's blog and sort of carried on from there.

Inside I placed an EEF design "Small sampler 6" (I think it was - I call it rose cottage but I know thats not the right name I've stitched it on 40ct lambswool linen and used almost all the recommended DMC for it. I really love this design. In fact I think EEF have to be my current favourites for this week LOL!!

I thought I would finish it as a small necessaire, so on one side I placed a scissor pocket for my scissors. On either side next to that I placed Mother of pearl Kelmscott thread rings which I sent to me from Barbara.

On the 4th and final side I have put pretty marking pins. The wings are made of pink silk shot through with gold it looks brighter the silk colour on the pics than IRL. The outer fabric is a MODA fabric I had thats a sift sage green and cream tiny check.
I have decided after a couple of days that I think I will do another one of these at some point and try to perfect my finish, but not just yet!!

I also have spoke to mum and she asked me to Thank everyone on their lovely comments about the pinkeep she made for me.
This weekend we are off over to visit mum and dad and Helen and her family, plus my brother and his wife and kidlets are coming up - its been my Dads 75th birthday this week so we are surprising him with a visit and taking Mum and Dad out for dinner - it will be great seeing everyone together.

I'm spoiled

My mum has spoiled me - look at what has arrived for me through the post its lovely, I love it. Mum knows how much I like redwork and love my cat Tash so she has made me this lovely pinkeep with a picture of a cat on and Tasha written down the side. It was a complete surprise as I didn't know that mum had stitched me anything as she has been busy with our neighbourhood RR.
Cor aren't I a lucky girl Thanks mum xxxx

Please go and Look......

at what my wonderful 8yr old neice Amy has been sewing and finishing lately - she's just updated her blog today.
OOO I'm so proud of her.

Its wonderful

I want to show you the wonderful tin I received from Becky - isn't it lovely! Its so beautifully stitched and finished, and when Becky told me that she had done this tin for me on her blog I was quite dumbstruck as I didn't know what I had done to deserve one of Beckys wonderful finishes.

Thankyou so much my friend for this wonderful RAK Its sitting in my sewing room and on Monday it will come to work wth me so I can show the girls and I'll be keeping it in my sight so it doesn't disappear.

Inside the tim Becky had put lots of cute buttons and she also made me some of her wonderful marking pins. - Thankyou once again dear friend I love it.

I have been very very lucky this week with the beautiful exchanges and RAK's that have arrived - thankyou so much everyone.

Exchange TO Claire

My partner on the Jaynes attic stitching exchange was Claire and I really couldn't decide what to stitch for her, so I finally decided on this:

Partly because I have seemed to 'know' Claire for ages I think its because we have been on Jaynes board together for so long LOL!!

I stitched it on 32ct linen and used my Heavenly Hues threads for it.

It again was a nice one to stitch and I have finished it as a mattress pinkeep, Clare let me know today that it had arrived to her safely and that she liked it - which I am pleased about.

Wow thankyou so much everyone for all the wonderful comments you have been leaving me and for all your visits - do you know on Tuesday I think it was I had 300 and odd visits off folks - WOW!! thats simply amazing and I really do appreciate it. I'm behind again myself for blog reading but I promise to catch up soon.

I received today the simply beee autiful tin from Becky, it looked lovely on Beckys pictures but even more wonderful IRL. I'll be posting pics up tomorrow of it as we are installing a watering system in the back garden at the moment and Mark keeps shouting me to help, so until tomorrow in my post packed week (((HUGS))) to you all.

Exchange FROM Julie

I feel very fortunate to be involved with so many exchanges, no more so than when I got home from work today my smalls exchange from Jaynes Attic board had arrived and my mystery partner had been Julie.

Isn't it lovely so perfectly stitched and finished. Julie told me it is a design by Elizabeths designs and I LOVE it, Thankyou again Julie, its so pretty.

Garden exchange TO Cathy

I was really nervous when Mark drew my name to send to Cathy in the SBEBB Garden exchange as Cathy's work is so exquisite. so I thought about what I would like to stitch for her. I chose to stitch Homespun Elegance 'Plant Kindness' its such a lovely wee design and I love doing hearts.

It has a variety of other stitches on it so its a fun one to stitch.
I used DMC thread and syitched it on some lovely 32ct evenweave I received from my friend Jayne, she hand dyes the fabric herself and this is such a soft natural colour.

I was pleased to hear today that Cathy loved it and the wee glass snail I sent along with it, the one in the picture is my glass snail - Cathy's is a different colour.

A gift for Barbara

It was Barbaras (Mainely stitching) birthday last week and as always I'm always late for these occasions. Tonight Barb let me know her gift had arrived

Barb and I met through Cyberstitchers many moons ago and became friends if it wasn't for Barbara I wouldn't be blogging as she introduced me and encouraged me into the world of blogging nearly 2 years ago now.

I know how much Barb loves Blackbird Designs so I stitched her the little fob from the latest book. I changed the colours and used my Heavenly colours I had in my stash and some ric rac I had too, was used for the edging.

Couldn't wait

so I have stitched the first pin cushion that is in the collection in Gift of stitching mag.

This one is the assisi pincushion, I've stitched it on 32ct oyster silweaver laguna using 'rustic red' dragonfloss (does that look red to you - no - nor me so thats why I used it!
The pink fabric at the back is what I'm using as a co-ordinating fabric. It was a great stitch to do and I have started on another one in the collection, this time using the pink fabric.

I did finish my quaker exchange piece but not the finishing.

Thanks for all your lovely comments I really so appreciate them.

Julianne asked me which camera I have - its a new one I got it the day of the wedding pictures and its a Sony cybershot 8.1 mega pixel, and I love it.

Another pinkeep

I decided to make myself a mattress pinkeep, as I didn't join in the matress pinkeep exchange and this is the design I've done its a freebie by The Workbasket, its stitched 1/1 on 32ct evenweave I had fun doing this one and its another to add to my collection. I've copied sister Helen again for my style of photo, but I think I prefer my normal way of doing them on my blog, somehow they look odd on mine, maybe cos Helens blog is much more 'girly' than mine LOL!!

Talking of 'girly' anyone been watching Ch4 Big Brother this year? I'm addicted already have a long list of the ones I dislike and a shorter list of the ones I like LOL!!!!

This months 'Gift of Stitching' wow isn't it lovely, I can't wait to start on those pinkeeps, I will be as soon as I've finished stitching my SBEBB Summer Quaker Exchange which will hopefully be done by tomorrow.


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