Not been blogging or around much

As you may or may not have noticed but I haven't been around very much for a while, neither have I visited anyone very often at all. Its not that I haven't been thinking of you all or stitching or anything like that, but my family have had a bereavement and as this is primarily a stitching home blog, I thought it would be a little  depressing of me to keep you informed of our sadness, especially as there has been so much sadness in other parts of the world at the same time.

So as I have been feeling way to sad for a while as I knew that my dad was very ill to really feel like being upbeat and happy and wanting to show my stitching I haven't. But this week was my Dads funeral and after his illness it was good that he wasn't suffering anymore and as a family we were all there when he passed on which I for one am convinced that he knew we were all there.

My Dad was a wonderful 'gentleman' who had a lovely smile and a quiet word for those who would listen, he also had a wicked sense of humour, I will miss him very much but I do have many, many happy memories of my life with him and I loved him very very much.

I have also had work problems and my best friend and her son have been involved in a very tragic car accident this week - though neither of them have been seriously hurt - I'm telling you you wouldn't believe my life at the moment - it would so make a good soap opera - Eastenders and Corrie have nowt on my life at present LOL!!

Hopefully I will pull myself out of the doldrums and get back into blogging I can't promise that it will be soon but then again I can't say it won't be - it will be probably a little sporadic for the meantime.

Anyway I hope that everyone is fine and well, I have to let you know that Harry is doing well and has grown considerably



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