August SAL Ornie

Can't you tell the weather is changing, I have had to photograph this inside as its raining outside and very dull. I picked 'Sit and Sew' by Mary Garrys Sewing Cabin, I have loved this wee one for ages, and decided as the weather is so rotten I would stitch this one yesterday and I did the finishing yesterday too, it didn't take very long to do as you can see.

I am still trying to catch up with blogs and emails, I have a good excuse tho' I have been stitching all week, I have finished 3 of my exchanges, - sorry can't post pics yet, the first finish is the Redwork exchange and I will send that out tomorrow. I have finished the Autumn exchange and the Halloween exchange and done all the finishing on them I am really pleased with how they all look, but I'm afraid you'll all have to wait a bit to see them.

The other excuses I have, we were at a wedding not last weekend but the one before and that lasted the whole weekend I have some wonderful pics to show you but haven't sorted them out yet. The weekend gone was a bank holiday here and we went to a Hot Tub party at my friends on Friday after work - WOW I want one now they are wonderful things, and then on Saturday we went to a BBQ for Marks Golf society, in fact the whole weekend revolved around socialising.

I will catch up with blogs and everyone soon.....meanwhile enjoy the rest of your week.


My House exchange

Whew relief, my heart is always in my mouth when I send an exchange in the post, but I am relieved to hear from Annette that she received my house exchange to her.

I chose 12 houses by DT - I couldn't decide what house to stitch when I first thought about it, then decided 12 houses would be perfect. I finished it as a Bourse.

Instead of the alphabet which is in the centre of the design I placed a wee pin cushion and added buttons on the four corners instead of ribbons as I thought ribbons would be a wee bit too fussy for the design. Its all stitched on 32ct linen using the recommended colours.

Blackbird SAL - Part 2

I have completed my Part 2 of the Blackbird SAL 'Remember Me', it was real fast to do, and I used the recommended threads. The fabric I'm using is 30ct R&R reproductions linen - American Chestnut, this was the recommended fabric and as I liked the colour so much I just had to use it.

This is a close up of the finished flowers on the roof, my lazy daisies leaves went slightly askew I'm afraid. My next part 3 starts again in about a week I think, I don't know whether to start the right side, the top or start on all that chamomile grass, I'll think about it this week.

I haven't any other stitching to share at the moment as I am busy stitching exchanges for Septemeber and October, but hopefully some time this week I'll have one to share as my partner will have received it (I hope!!)

House Exchange from Svenja

I received the most wonderful house exchange from Svenja. It is a notebook holder which is so beautifully stitched and finished, I really love it - Thankyou so much Svenja for this. Svenja also included some wonderful linen banding which I know I will use and 3 of my favourite threads by Vicky Clayton

This is the noebook holder opened and you can see the inside, with pad and the pen holder.

This is the notebook holder opened so that you can see the front and the back.

I'm Back

Well we had such a wonderful time on holiday it was a real chill factor holiday and we all relaxed, sunbathed and ate and slept, it was wonderful, I'm afraid I took very few pictures whilst I was away I kept forgetting to take the camera out with us. We did manage on the last night to get a group photo taken which is what I am sharing with you.

The resort was so peaceful and quiet I always thought Tenerife was a real boom, boom, boom place but I was pleasantly surprised and we have great plans to go again next August this time for 2 weeks. The lads had a great time playing Golf 3 times, Jim won the first game (or is it round?) and then Mark won the next 2 that they played - Mark is in love with the golf courses over there. Dawn and I, well we just lazed by the pool and I did a wee bit of stitching.

Mind the only stitching I did was for my redwork exchange which is now completed and I just have the finishing work to do.- So thats one I can't share just yet.
On the stitching front when we got home Sunday - well I have to play catch up with the BD SAL - Remember me.

So my needles are red hot, we start the second 5th tomorrow and I'm not ready yet, plus I had to be at work today so I haven't done any stitching today, but this is my progress so far, and I should by a wing and prayer get the first part finished tonight, everyone else in the SAL seems to have theirs finished.

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When we got back into the country on Friday - ohh it was way late, we had some delays but we didn't mind as it was all about security. Saturday we went down from Durham to my sister Helens as it was her birthday and what a lovely time we had,
all the family were there, my brother, SIL Sara, their children, Helens family and her in-laws and of course my parents, we all met at Helens house and then we all went out for a meal together, it was really nice and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone. Helen received some really great presents but I will let her tell you all about them on her blog, and her cake was sooo her LOL!!!

Excitement and holidays

I am so excited - 2 more sleeps and we will be on holiday, I only have to go to work for a couple of hours tomorrow and then I'm finished - yippeeee!!!LOL!!!

On the stitching front I have made a start on the SBEBB Redwork exchange - can't say much about it all yet.
As from August 1st, we started our Blackbird Designs SAL - unfortunately I was going to post a pic of my start, but the weather is awful and lighting not good and my camera battery is on charge so I haven't taken a pic yet, but I will work on it again tonight and then put it away til we return and then I can take a picture of my progress, its such a nice group of ladies I'm stitching this with.

So this is my final posting for the next 10 days or more.
Hope everyone has a great stitching time and a fun week next week. - Will visit everyones blogs when I get back - Now I'm off to finish the packing and pack my stitching stuff.


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