Forget Me Not - EEF

Well its finally finished and I am so sad about it as I really enjoyed stitching this lovely design. I said in a previous posting that it was called 'Remember Me' but its not when I re-looked at the chart packing its called 'Forget Me Not' - so I'm really sorry if I confused anyone out there in blogland.

I have stitched it on 36ct antique white linen using the recommended DMC threads. There were a few speciality stitches amongst it - Smyrna, eyelets, satin, rhodes and of course 1/1.

I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I enjoyed stitching it - now to find the perfect frame for it.

Spring beauty

I was standing in the shower this morning admiring my beautiful spring flowers I had bought yesterday and I had arranged at the end of the bath, I thought I just would have to share them with you too, its such a beautiful day here today - bright, frosty and if you get in the sun a little bit warm

Hope that you are all having a great weekend, I have almost finished my EEF design and hopefully will be able to post it up tomorrow.

A little finish

Thought I would share this little finish I have done, it was a freebie from DanyBrod published quite a while ago now. I have stitched it on 40ct white linen using Kaallund silk thread (the same colour as I used for the Valentine Exchange and made it into a little ornament, the edging I used some 1/8 inch satin ribbon and the hanger is the 1/2 inch satin ribbon the same colour.
I was asked where I got my Kaallund silk thread from - well it was from Jaynes Attic who unfortunately is no longer trading I bought the whole range of colours a few years ago when she first stocked it, but unfortunately I too have no idea where to get it from now and its such a lovely thread to use too and the colours are so beautiful.

Thankyou for all your lovely comments about my progress, I have almost finished the EEF and am thinking about starting another of them if I can decide which one to so next.

Tonight was driving lesson time and I had a good lesson again, they seem to be getting better so maybe I am improving!!


Two posts in one day LOL!

Thought I would share some progress with you on both my Shepherds Bush 'Finch Song' and my other new start which is EEF 'Remember Me'

First up is 'Finch Song' I do really like the colours used in this design and the silk threads give it such lustre.

Of course I had to get that wee sheep finished , but as you can see overall I haven't made loads of progress.

Next up is 'Remember Me' by Ewe & Eye & Frieds (EEF), as those who know me know, EEF are one of my favourite designers of all time, and this is such a pretty design as always with EEF it hasn't disappointed me.

I just love the variety of different stitches used on most of these designs and this one has lots - satin stitch, Eyelet stitch, Rhodes, smyrnas and some 1/1 as well.

I'm stitching this on 36ct Antique white linen, using 1 strand of DMC, and I am using the recommended colours, as I just loved them.

Hope you are all having a great Sunday

Valentine wishes

I received yesterday the most beautiful Valentine ornament from Shay from the 'Holiday Exchange' I feel really fortunate, as this is sooooo lovely, look at the beautiful stitching and finishing, and ooo that charm is gorgeous. Shay told me in her card that it is by Just Nan -  Thankyou very much Shay and also for the lovely extras that you have sent me.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Valentines day and received lots of flowers and cards? Has DH or Partners spoiled you? I hope so.

I am  again really busy at work which has delayed any kind of posting from me this week, I can't believe its over a week since I posted, but never mind I'm sure you understand, I must have a visit around your blogs in a bit, I've missed seeing what you have all been getting up to and what lovelies you have created.

My driving is going really well, I am enjoying it - not ready yet though to take my test, but hopefully a few more lessons and I will be, so far I have had 6 lessons, and I can do a turn in the road and not hit the kerb!

Valentines Exchange To Amy

I joined in a Valentine exchange on the Holiday Exchange blog that Becky runs, my partner was Amy and I have just found out that she has received my exchange that I sent to her. Now I know that Amy wasn't too fond of the colour 'pink' sooooo I thought I would use shades of Coral when I stitched this pretty little design by Blackbird Designs, which is part of the 'New Love' sampler which is I think now out of print - it was one of the schoolgirl samplings that they brought out a few years ago.

I have stitched it on 36ct raw linen and its 1/1, I had such fun doing this and I have used Kalluund silk thread in fireglow. I also used the same thread to make the cord around the outer edge and the half tassel. This was such a small design I thought that I would make it into a floss ring tag. I hope that Amy was pleased with it, the poor love had also been my partner for the Christmas exchange, when I sent her a Shepherds Bush little ornie.

Thankyou all so much for your kind and truely wonderful comments about my guest room - Yes if you ever fancy a visit to the Lakes and a trip to Fobbles - get in touch, I always like to meet fellow stitchers!

I have also been asked a few times as to where I got 'my words' from - well they are from here: its a lovely site, but I hasten to add if you order to the UK you will get stung by customs - my customs bill was almost the same as to what I spent on the words.

I'll be missing for a few days as I am off to visit Mum and Dad, should be back Sunday or Monday with new stitching to show - Have a great weekend!!


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