Tin box workshop


Here are the tins the ladies did when I showed them how to make a tin box pretty. Sorry the photos aren't brilliant but I forgot my camera and my friend Helen lent me her iphone to take them, which I am really grateful for otherwise I wouldn't have been able to show anything of them to you apart from probably mine, Bev's and Jen B's at a later date..
Back L-R Ann, Lucy, Janet, Elsie, Jen B & Elaine
Front L-R Bev, Barbara, Judith, Jen & Me


Here are a few of them in a little more detail, this one was made by Ann and the one behind it was made by Lucy.


These were by Janet (Quaker one), Elsie and the beaded one with the owl was made by Jen B, Elaine's is at the back


Here are Jens, Mine (Christmas one), Jen B & Judith's

We had a great day and I enjoyed it very much, after my initial nervousness, I find it easy to show 1 person, but to show 10 was a bit different LOL! It was great to see everyones different types of finished tins and the different ideas for the stitched or beaded pieces.
I must add very special thanks to dear Yuko, who obtained the tins for me and sent me them over earlier this year, without them I couldn't have done the workshop as easily.

Flock of Birds


I can't believe its over a week since I last visited my blog, where does time go.

Today I have another to show you that is again in need of a frame, this time its Blackbird Designs - Flock of Birds, taken from 'My heart be true' booklet. I have stitched it on 28ct WDW Checked linen that was recommended to use but have changed the threads using ones I had in my stash (Crescent colours & Carries Creations and DMC), so this is just a tadge brighter than the recommended threads would have been, but I still like the effect.

What have I been up too, well I spent a good part of last week preparing for a workshop that I did to show how to do a tin box finish. But stupid me forgot my camera, but Helen (no not my sister, but a friend), had her I-Phone with her and let me take some, of the wonderful finished tins, which I hope to show you tomorrow and tell you all about it then.

I have been busy stitching as always and have started on some Christmas ornaments, plus I had to do my tin box top, and I have also managed to slip in 'Cherry Heart' by Shepherds Bush, which I haven't photographed yet, but will show you later in the week - well at least thats the plan, but knowing how my life can change pretty quickly it could be next week.

Ooo talking of next week, my sister Helen is coming this Friday to stay with me for a week, though I will have to be at work for most of it, but nontheless I will enjoy her visit and as an extra bonus she is going to do my hair for me again - its great having a hairdresser/Beautician for a sister LOL!

Hope that you all have a great week....

Forget-Me-Not Sampler


I just loved the colours on this one, so I used the stated DMC colours, this one again I think will be destined for my bedroom.


Its called Forget-Me-Not sampler and is a really old one (1988) by Sheepish Designs.
I've stitched it on 32ct cream linen 2/2.

I can hardly believe its the 1st of August, where has this year gone to?? I have been very slow in answering emails I am sorry about it, but please I hope that you will understand, I still don't really feel like talking much, and you are all very much in my thoughts and I do appreciate the emails very much they brighten up my day along with the wonderful comments that you all have been leaving me.



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