Little changes

always lead to bigger ones, I find and I have been making a start on changing things in my home.

My first project (which has taken me a week to do - but thats cos there were two of them), were my kitchen chairs.

This is what they looked like before:

Mind, I had started to sand them before I remembered to take a picture, so this shows one of them that I had only just light sanding too. Isn't it an ugly, unloved piece of furniture!!

This is what they look like after:

Not bad eh!!

I'm really pleased with the finished result especially as its all my own work.

I sanded them, primed them, painted them red in places,candle waxed them  painted them cream - 3 times, then wire wooled them to bring out the red paint slightly and give that distressed look to them.
What do you think, think they look the part!!

The cushions on the seat are from Laura Ashley and are red and cream checked gingham, I loved them as soon as I saw them, and bought them in readiness for this project.

I'm Safe

Thankyou to all who have contacted me to ask if I'm safe and dry, this is just a quick post to let you all know that I am and so is my stash and Tasha LOL!! Its been very bad here, though not as much in my village as some of the other villages around Cumbria, the local rivers are in flood and local roads are very bad to get past on, some are closed.

Its been sad that a local policman was washed away when a bridge collapsed at Workington.

The little tributary stream that runs along the side of the footpath near my house is running incredibly high and with a lot of force I've never seen it like that before. The rain has stopped throughout today, but we are forecast more rain and 60mph winds again this evening and all weekend, they reckon we will get at least 10" of rain from tonight til Monday - I really hope not!! To keep with the water theme, I've made myself fish pie for tea tonight.


............Can you see me?
Aren't I just beautiful, I really think Autumn colors really go with my hair fur!!

My mum thought I was being cute but really I was just waiting for the mouse that lives behind the hydrangea , but lucky for the mouse, he didn't want to play and I had to go in cold and disappointed.

Is it too early for Christmas?

I know, I know I have neglected my blog terribly of late, and halloween has now just finished - I've put the broomstick away and my little old familiar cat is now curled up asleep after her jaunt around on the said broomstick, so I was wondering whether it was too early yet for Christmas, but I thought 'what the heck' I'll start showing some of my Christmas finishes.

Tonights little effort is my tin I made at the workshop class I taught in the summer, its the class I taught the girls how to make a tin finish. So I had to stitch one myself and do a step by step with the finish.

The design is by Crossed Wing Collection, and is from the 1998 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine. I really loved stitching this one, the little mouse is 1/1 as is the writing, the rest is 1/2 on 32ct evenweave. I used some sparkly thread in amongst the little bauble to give it a little more punch.

Life is pretty good at the moment, I have had a couple of weekends over at my parents and been out with my brother which has been fun, I've been working hard as always it seems, but I have also been stitching and framing things. Last Saturday I did another patchwork course at Fobbles, and the second part of it will be early next year, this time I was well stretched out of my comfort zone for this course, but I did enjoy it and I will take some pictures of my progress. My other progress on my other quilt has stopped, my heart is still not in it, but I will get it finished I am very sure of that, but it might not be any time real soon.

My poor dad had a fall last week and has managed to get himself quite a few stitches in his head, he was walking one of the dogs when he tripped on the pavement and went a clatter, he had an overnight stay at hospital nd has hurt his knee a little and his hand, and do you know (my time to vent), not one person went over to him to ask if he was ok when he fell, he was very shook up and was bleeding profusely from his head injury (he takes wharfarin whcih makes you bleed more too), Bailey (the dog), led dad home as he was in a daze a bit, which is so good that the dog did that, but I hasten to add, Dad is doing OK he's a little stiff and sore and has had a bad head for a few days, bt otherwise he is fine.

Hope you all have a good week, and thankyou for your continued visits and your patience in waiting for me to update my blog, I really appreciate your comments and visits very much.


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