Lost in the post perhaps?

As you know a while ago, I stitched on the SBEBB Tea-time exchange and as yet I haven't heard whether or not my parcel has arrived at its desination, in fact no-one has heard from my partner at all so I do hope that she is OK as she hasn't updated her blog either, so its a bit of a worry if she's not OK. The exchange ended more than a couple of months ago now so I thought I would show you what I stitched for her.


The design is by Hillside Samplings,I changed the colours of the thread and omitted the tea bag charm as I didn't have one, but I still thought it looked cute anyway. Its finished as a pinkeep.

I do hope that she has received it and it didn't go astray.

I'm still on the mend and taking things very easy, my doctor won't let me go back to work just yet, so that makes more stitching time for me!!
Hope everyone has a great week.

From Valerie


Isn't it lovely? Didn't I tell you it was? I really loved this wee parcel when I opened it, Valerie has adapted a Homespun Elegance design and made me this wonderful wee stitchers pocket.


The inside has a stitchers pocket for placing scissors , the middle part has a needle place and on the right there is a place for my pins.


The back of the pocket finishes the alphabet and our initials are in the cormers. The wee fob that you can see Valerie made herself and matches the scissors that I found inside the pocket so perfectly and went along with the SBEBB exchange theme of Sheep.
Valerie also sent me such a lot of wonderful goodies too, some fabric, and ribbons, some chocolate sheep, and some ink stamps, I was really lucky to get Valerie as my partner and hopefully on an exchange again soon I might get to send too her.

Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments and Get Well wishes, I really appreciate them, I'm making a good recovery I feel at the moment, I'm just taking things easy and have picked up my sewing for a private exchange and I am really enjoyng my stitching. I have a couple more bits to show this week, so stay tuned.

A tale to tell......

....as always in my life (and I know it will be the same for everyone, but as this is my blog, so its my life LOL!LOL) when it runs smoothly its wonderful and to be honest and fair I don't have many non smoothy type things happen, and as all people I have the usual illness and colds etc, BUT what I didn't expect was to go on a much much needed break to Tenerife for a week and the day after I get back end up in hospital at home with a suspected irritated pancreas - Now that really isn't fair is it??? Its not to much for to ask, to come back and feel rested and tanned not go away and feel a bit rotten and then get worser and worserer, having had 3 very overcast days in Tenerife 3 glorious ones too I must add and of course the company and holiday was great. Hospital, well thats not so great, I got out yesterday and spent the first proper night in my own bed - yippeee, I'm still fragile and I seem to have lost some weight somewhere - not that I am looking for it back again, no no - so if you find it you can keep it I don't want it back, I might loose some more along the way to recovery you never know!!


So not much on the stitchy front - my exchange arrived safe and sound to Edgar , and I was pleased to hear that he liked it very much - I liked it too, and now I want to stitch it for myself. The design is by Ewe & Eye & Friends (EEF) and is stitched using polstitches pearl thread for all those french knots and WDW/Gast for the grass all on 40ct lambswool linen (to keep with the sheep theme).

I also received mine from Valerie and my oh my its a real stunner, I'm charging up the camera so I can take pictures for you all to see - Mark, bless him has been run ragged this last week, with washing, hospital visiting and phone calls (I think we should have another holiday really) and never thought to charge up the camera, but I know when I opened Valeries parcel it really made my day, so when the pics are up at the weekend its'll make yours too.



........by Brightneedle is my latest finish to show, I wanted to finish it as something simple, and a double ended small pillow was perfect and as I am in the mood for spring so I chose a fresh green fabric for the cushion ends and back. The lace that you can see here, is what Marks grandmother made 60 years ago, when she used to make her own lingerie, Marks mum thought I would like it when she was clearing nana's stuff out earlier this year, the lace is handmade using silk thread and I love it.

I've stitched this on 36ct white linen, using the recommended threads.


I have done all the finishing on my Here's to Ewe exchange and I am really delighted with how its turned out, so much so I don't want to part with it now LOL!! But I will of course as I stitched it for my partner specifically in mind!

Also on the exchange front I am getting a little anxious about the tea time exchange I sent, It was almost a month ago since it went on its journey and as yet no word about it all, I really hope it gets there soon - I think thats the one and only thing I dislike about exchanging is the not knowing it got there safely until your partner posts up about it or emails you.

Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend, we are off to yet another Birthday party this time its Marks Uncle Alans 70th, it will a more quieter affair than the last one we went too (though only just), we are having dinner and few drinks and Dawn and family will be over again for this one too, this year must be a big year for nought birthdays anyone else having a year with a zero? I know I am later on, mine is the Big 50! (yikes)

As promised


Here is what I have stitched for my SIL Dawn for her forthcoming birthday next month - its still to frame yet, but I haven't found the perfect frame for it, but at least I have a few weeks to go until its the day.

The design is by Mary Beale from an OOP Chart from the Pocket Needlework No.2 (August 1989)and its called 'Remember Me'.

I have stitched it on 40ct cream linen using all the stated DMC colours, I was so pleased with how this has turned out and I really enjoyed stitching it, I personalised it with our initials and the year 2008.

I have been busy doing some finishing as I have stitched myself a wee MB piece which when I've finished it completely I'll have it too show, I've also finished a Brightneedle piece that I have had in my drawer forever it seems.



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