My Mums Garden

Don't be fooled by the title, I'm not showing pictures of my mums garden on this post - even though my mum has one of those beautiful big, elegant gardens I can only dream of, this my mums garden is by Shepherds Bush.


This was another quick stitch really, and I loved doing it, I have a plan in my head to do this again, but with different fabric and colour changes, for mum for Christmas (now I can say this here as mum hasn't a computer and doesn't get to see my blog very often)


Again this is destined for the bedroom, I really better get a move on and get some frames and finish them, then I can take pics and show you all how it looks!!


Well may your day be filled with lots of the above, and you may well be wondering why on earth I am at home instead of work, well its all to do with the incompatance of DHL delivering my new computer, which was supposed to arrive with a Saturday delivery (which I paid extra for), then I left a note on the door yesterday and my neighbour (no not the dishy one), who was going to sign for it actually came over and spoke to the delivery guy who wouldn't let her sign for it, so took it away again and apparantly its coming today, after I rang their automated service, now I want to talk to someone from DHL and 'vent my spleen' as they say, as I have had to lose a days wages because they can't do things right, but can I find a number to talk to someone - No sireeee, but I'll keep trying. Mesh who I got the damn computer from have refunded by saturday delivery payment and were very nice, so maybe just maybe later today I'll have a brand spanking new pc, and I can play Sims on it and Sim Society and Sim city - oh bliss, finally!!!

Cherry Heart


Another from Shepherds Bush and again destined for my bedroom, when I frame it, I have found the prettiest Mother of Pearl frame which I intend to use for this pretty.


I was really pleased with this pretty design, and I loved the ribbon which I think really finished it off, it really didn't look anything special without it, but it really lifted it all. The silk thread, fabric and silk ribbon and the small buttons are all part of the kit, the only additions I made was the use of the small beads within the buttons.


Hope that you are all having a great weekend - or at least whats left of it.Thanks so much for your continued visits and wonderful comments I really appreciate them.

Oh and before I forget I have changed my email address and hopefully let most know, but you can email me from blogger its in my profile and that goes to my new address.

Seasonal Exchange for Barbara


I was really delighted to hear that my very last Seasonal exchange had arrived to its destination today Barbara and I have been doing this for a whole year - this is the last one, and I have really really enjoyed it, finding something that Barbara would like has been real fun, and I am really sorry it has all come to an end.

Barbara was the blogger who encouraged me to start blogging, many many moons ago, and we have become good friends ever since.

For our last one I stitched for her 'Dutch Strawberries' by Goode Huswife, what with her living in The Netherlands and strawberries are very summer season. I so loved how Nina had finished her fobs a while ago, I copied the finishing style LOL!

I have stitched it on 40ct Creme Brulee and have done it 1 over 1 (petit point style - as I have been asked about 1/1 on 40ct before, I don't do full crosses my poor eyes just wouldn't be able to take it LOL) I have used the recommended DMC threads and I used satin ribbon for the fob top and a little for the floss tag part to hold the ring in place. The back has a toning MODA fabric which toned really well with the colours and I am really happy that Barbara liked my choice. The little fob is only about 3 - 3.5 inches long and about 2 inches wide, I had such fun doing it I want one for myself now.

Gift from Mum


When Mum and Dad visited last weekend, Mum came bearing gifts, she had made me this pretty and delicate little rose scented sachet bag, its really lovely, the design she said came from an old 1950's pattern she had found in amongst her stash, and she just changed the colours which she thought I would like and added beads, and made it into this lovely sachet, it smells divine of soft roses and looks wonderful next to my bed.

Thankyou again Mum and really love it and was the perfect choice for me.

In the French Style


I had so much fun stitching this wee design by Brenda Keyes, its from the chart book 'In the French Style'.

I have stitched it on Antique white linen - 40ct, using Hand-dyed thread - Antique red and I have done it 1 over 1. As you can tell its quite small.


I have had this small wooden frame in my stash for ages and could never find the perfect design for it and when I saw this chart I knew it was perfect.

I used some of the wonderful toile fabric my friend Angela had given me for the background rather than use a mount and I attached the stitched piece on top of it, I was very happy with the result. The toile fabric is the same fabric I will be using for the BBD freebie I stitched a while ago and will do the same sort of thing for the background on that one too.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with the things you like to do, I know I wll be stitching as usual LOL!! Last weekend Mum and Dad stayed over for a few days, mum and I got lots of stitching done - this one being the piece I stitched, I have other finishes but as yet no frames or photo's.

I have sent Barbara my last seasonal exchange last Tuesday and so hopefully will be arriving in the Netherlands in the near future so watch for the postman Barbara.


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