I know, I promised to be back with pictures and boy have I lot to share. BUT unfortunately since I said I was back online I have had problems with the internet, and Mark has taken the broadband account with him, so I have had to set up a new one, and its giving me endless endless problems trying to set up the connection, as well as getting Mark packed and then sorting the house out once he went I have had no time at all for the computer.

Just to let you know I am off on holiday (a much much needed break from here) for a couple of weeks or so, and then when I get back I will sort out the broadband connection and be back with you all again as normal.

Thanks for the lovely emails and comments I really really appreciate them very much and I am sorry I haven't been visiting but can't due to the internet difficulties.

I'm Back online

Just a very very quick visit to say that I am back online I hope the computer is fixed now.

THANKYOU THANKYOU to all for your comforting comments and emails, I will over the weekend reply to your wonderful emails I have really appreciated you taking the time to leave me a comment or email. I am OK - honestly, its just so very difficult, Mark moves this coming week.

Will be back I promise on a lighter note with some stitchy pictures for you to see.

Hugs and again Thankyou


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