Another box finish

Remember a couple of months ago, I finished La-D-Da - Peaceful ways and couldn't quite decide how to finish it, well I have put it into another box lid, I really love how this has turned out. I trimmed it with gold cord and added a dark gold tassel. I have lined the inside lid with a complimenting fabric, but forgot to take a pic of that.

I have been stitching and have done quite a few Christmas Ornies, but I haven't completed any finishing on them yet.

oH Fiddlesticks!!!!!!!

I can tell you my languauge was far stronger than my title after I received an email from Kath Poor Kath was my secret partner for the SBEBB Autumn Exchange, and I stitched her this SB - Autumn Fob, filled it with stuffing and added less than a teaspoon of lavender in it and duly sent it off to New Zealand - Never thought about the lavender in it at all, well the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in New Zealand have siezed the fob, they've given Kath everything else that was in the parcel, but not the fob and she will either have to pay something like 39dollars to have it heat treated or 79dollars to send it back to me or pay nothing and it gets destroyed, Poor Kath is as upset about it as I am. I have offered to stitch her it again but I haven't any of that particular trim left which matches the scissors I got for it perfectly so it will look a bit different.

Moral of the story, in future Su, check the country you are sending too allows for lavender flowers before adding to exchanges.

From Nancy

I received the SBEBB Needlework smalls exchange, this time I received an exchange from Nancy. Isn't it adorable, I love this scissor minder and its really autumnal, I might try and do a scissor minder like this too (of course with a different design) - I apologise for the photo clarity it really is awful weather here and the light isn't good to take piccies very well. I also got all thos lovely goodies from Nancy too. Thankyou so much for this lovely exchange.

The weekend

What a wonderful weekend I had with Mum and Helen, on Saturday we went to Gosforth Park at Newcastle and went to the Get creative for Chistmas show, it was a wonderful world of stitching, patchwork and card-making. But even here cross stitching wasn't that well represented - is it a dying art in the UK?

I'm afraid I didn't take lots of pictures as I got ever so slightly carried away with my shopping and managed to get myself lots and lots of lovely stash, far too much to photograph (and of course I can't let Mark see it all). But I do have to rave over some new threads I bought in fact they are lovely and I bought the whole collection (naughty me), they are Australian silk threads by Kaalund Yarns, they remind me of Gloriana silk thread the colours are so rich and varigated, Jaynes attic (as Jayne informed me), is the only stockist in the UK of them they are really beautiful and you get a lot for your money. I also bought a lot of hand-dyed fabric, just small cuts, and nothing over 32ct as you can't seem to buy above that, these I got from Kates Kloths and Jaynes Attic. From the fat quarter stall I bought some wonderful quarters of fabric a good mixture of Christmas fabrics and anytime fabrics. I also bought some hand-dyed silk ribbon from Kates Kloths. From another stall I bought some scissors and I managed to find some that are shaped like rabbits both Helen and I bought a pair as we have both been after some for ages.
Charts - well Trudi-Anne stall was the only stall that I liked the charts from and I bought 3 or 4 of BC, Trilogy & HIH wee ones that I have wanted for a while.

It was great to finally meet a few of the girls who frequent Jaynes chat board, I met Diane, Julia, Jayne and the designer Carol Tinsen, who had a wonderful display of her charts and of course I couldn't resist and bought one.

As we all know this month is Breast cancer awareness month and thre was a small exhibition of 'pink' quilts and 3 of them were up for raffle.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to win one of these lovely quilts, but the small room was very busy and all proceeds went to breast cancer research which as we know is a wonderful cause and I really hope that the ladies there managed to raise lots of funds.

On the Saturday night when we returned home, Mum, Helen and I had a mini SAL and stitched the same design and as we all bought a frame to match it, we thought it would be fun and of course we all finished it differently. Helen will be showing you all our efforts for this on her blog, but I will post a picture up of my effort - when Blogger wants to play again for me. I used the Bushfire silk thread I bought from the collection and stitched it on 28ct white evenweave, I decorated my frame too.

I heard today

that Svenja has received the SBEBB - Stitching smalls piece that I stitched for her, I am so pleased that she liked it. I decided to stitch a scissor case by Au fils des Reves, and I chose my own lining which I had in my stash drawer and finished it slightly differently than was directed too.

I padded the inside between the lining fabric and the stitching, I added shell buttons at the fastener and at the bottom and added a tassel, I also put a hand-dyed silk blue ribbon the close the case with.

What a busy week this week with blogging, I think I've posted much more than normal, but wanted everyone to see the beautiful stitching I have received over the week. I won't be posting again now until probably Sunday as I'm off over to the North East to have a girly day out on Saturday with mum and Helen, we are going to Newcastle to a stitch show - can't wait - I can spend my birthday money LOL!! Plus collect my birthday parcels from my mum and my brother, so I really have had a long birthday LOL!!

I'm going tomorrow morning and leaving Mark to fend for himself and the cat - not that he will have a problem his mum taught him well. Have a good weekend everyone!!

Incredibly fortunate ......

....... to have such wonderful stitching friends, people are so kind, I am so touched by the lovely presents that keep arriving and the good wishes I have had.
I received not 1 but 2 parcels today.

One came from The Netherlands from Annemarie Look at the beautiful things that she has stitched for me, my very first Biscornu, Annemarie has told me that its a Belgian design.

Also in my package was this lovely origami bag I can use for my bits and bobs, its been stitched on 35ct linen and the designs were taken from DMC book Houses and Gardens, its beautifully made.Also it doesn't end there, there was some pretty fabric and some green apple tea - which I have never tried before, so I will give it a whirl. - Thankyou so much my dear friend you have really spoiled me.

The next package came from Anita and again I have been incredibly spoiled, inside was some lovely pieces of stitching fabric - 1 of the pieces is the right shade and count for me to stitch Busy bee (With my needle), also there were some thread rings from Kelmscott- which I have wanted for so long, some DMC thread, some pretty stork scissors and a needle threader. - Thankyou Anita you are such a generous friend.

Haven't I got some lovely stitching friends, I wasn't expecting anything from anyone (well perhaps from Helen and mum), and I am overwhelemed by everyones generosity and friendship - Hope that doesn't sound gushy, but if you were all here I would just give you all a hug. ((((HUG)))) - LOL!!!

I see Annemarie has tagged me too, so I will make a seperate posting with my answers when I have had a think.

Thankyou Carol

Carol sent me this beautiful scissor fob and LHN chart for my birthday and it arrived today, I love it my friend and Carol told me that this was the first one she has ever made, so I'm doubly honoured that I'm the first to receive a fob that she has stitched. It really is lovely. Thankyou once again my friend - I've emailed you too. - (((Hugs)))

Autumn Exchange I received from Cathy

I received the Autumn exchange from Cathy today, she has stitched me a lovely fob, and included lots of lovely goodies which was very kind of her.
Thankyou so much Cathy, it was a lovely exchange.

Also I would like to thank everyone that sent me birthday wishes, I really do appreciate them, thankyou.

Birthday Gifts

Today is my birthday!!! OOOh I love birthdays LOL!! I have received some wonderful things, with more to come so I am told.

So the first thing I would like to do is to thank folks for their good wishes and some wonderful cards and gifts - BIG HUGS and Thankyou, I appreciate them.

Well the first thing I will show you is the wonderful mailart envelope I received from my mum - its gorgeous and I love it, I hid my address using what I think will be a few from my last bunch of sweet peas this year. Inside the envelope was some beautiful fabric and some pretty buttons - mum informs me when I go to her home next weekend there are gifts from her and dad waiting for me.

Next to show you is this beautiful bag which Helen has stitched for me - thankyou sweetie I really love it, its so me and so apt for me, I really appreciate it and your stitching as always is perfect.

I received 2 total surprises in the post, one was fromDianne Dianne and the other from Sue , Dianne sent me the pretty Marjoleon Bastin kit which is just so lovely and Sue sent me the Brightneedle chart - Bless the cooks which was on my wish list, Thankyou both so much it was a total surprise.

Gels sent me a lovely box full of goodies - she does spoil me, in it was the JCS 2006 ornie mag, PS 2006 Santa and the fabric to stich him on, some Mary Kay moisturiser which I love and also chocolate covered pretzels, which I adore - Gles first sent me them a few years ago and I have been addicted to them everysince, she also sent me some bee things a gorgeous tin garland whcih has bees and hives on it and a beehive stencil.

I have also received lots of lovely e-cards, people are so kind - thankyou.

Ish and Natty have both asked me where I get my charts from, well basically from all over the place, some I buy on-line (Elegant stitch, Sew n sew, needlecraft corner), a lot I get from ebay, others are gifts, exchanges, swaps and I go to a couple of different shows in the UK and hunt out supplies from there, plus a couple of bricks and mortar shops in the UK, I'm always looking out for new LNS 's also I have been collecting an awful long time.

Scary Wabbit

Patti emailed me today to say that she received the SBEBB Halloween exchange that I had sent her, I do worry when I send them, in case they don't get there, or the person doesn't like what I've done, but I'm glad to say even though Patti has been lumbered with my stiching twice she loved what I had sent her.

I really love these Wabbits and have stitched a few, as yet I have never been able to keep one to myself LOL!

This one I sitched on Silkweaver 32ct fabric called Midnight(which was a one off), I'm afraid I had resort to the magnifier to see what I was doing but it stitched up well, I changed the threads of course apart from the large pumpkin. The edge of the small pillow I blended DMC Glo-in-the-dark thread with WDW and it really does Glow.

I added a small black button for the spider and stitched him on with Glow thread as well as his legs. The web I used some silver thread I had in my stash. The back fabric is the fabric you can see it lying on and the trim is voile ribbon in black and turquoise, and the hanger for the wee pillow is black voile ribbon too..

A Wooden box

Remember my LHN finish - Daisy Lane cottage, well I have decided it would look perfect in a wooden box lid. I have padded and lined the lid of the box and the inside bottom with some pretty blue and white checked fabric, I didn't want anything too fussy, edged the lid with white silk cord and added a wee heavy dragonfly charm, I think its turned out great and I am really pleased with it.

I still haven't heard yet whether my Halloween exchange has got to my partner yet, I do worry about things getting lost. I'll be sending off my Autumn exchange and Stitching smalls exchange this week too so there will be more piccies to show soon.

Plus I have done some more Christmas ornaments and I have nearly finished the finish for Peaceful Ways which I stitched in the summer.

23 colours......

...... yep 23 in this tiny design, its only 2.1". I was amazed when I was finding the DMC out for it and realised. This is the Christmas gift I was doing for a special friend, I'm safe as she doesn't read my blog often as she hasn't a computer, so I knew I could post a piccie up.

I felt as soon as I saw the design it would be perfect for the crystal jar I had, and I think I was right. I stitched it on 36ct white linen 2/2, using DMC thread.

From Myrna

Spooky surprises flew through my letterbox this morning and it made my day,Myrna was my SBEBB Halloween exchange partner and she has sent me the most wonderful spooky goodies.

Myrna has made me the most gorgeous needleroll isn't it spooky?

Our initials are stitched on the side of the roll and at the bottom the name of the exchange, all tied with halloween ribbon.

Plus Myrna sent me loads of goodies - boy do I feel spoilt, there was a towel set, a magnetic pad, tissues, ghost brooch, halloween stickers, and a Brittercup chart called 'Boo' and the fabric to stitch it on,all this was wrapped in orange, purple and green tissue paper.

THANK-YOU so much Myrna, I love it all.

Seriously neglecting....... Blackbird SAL. I had planned in my head that I would sit and stitch the SAL all weekend as I was going to be a golf widow, of course after I had cleaned the house. Well the house got neglected as the mood to stitch Christmas ornies took hold and I did these 3. La-D-Da - christmas bird, Hillside Samplings - Christmas, Theron designs/Gentle Art - Bird and berries, Now I'm stitching Mary Garrys Christmas strawberry and will finish tonight I hope, then to decide which to do next. Next weekend I think I will do the finishing on them.

What else have I been stitching? well I have made a good start on Rachaels RR, I will take a pic of that later in the week and I have been stitching a surprise for a friend, can't show that yet as I know she visits my blog.

Thanks to everyone who made comments on all my stitching works and my pics of the ball, I really appreciate them very much.


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