Final finish for 2005 and its for Mark

This is what I have been busy stitching the last couple of days, whilst I have been off colour, it is of course for my DH Mark. I have just put the final finishing stitch in it about 5 minutes ago in the ribbon fastener, handed it to him and then ran off with it to photograph it to show you all. I have stitched both pieces in Vicki Clayton silk in Turkey Red, and stitched it on 28ct white linen. 1 over 1.
Amour is a freebie, by Danielle Gouriou Curie, and the Coeur Romantique, again is a freebie by reflets de Soie, I thought that the styles of them went really well together and so made a small cushioned drawer hanging. I was really pleased with how its come out and the charts were a delight to stitch.

Can I take this opportunity to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and a wonderful 2006, I hope that its a healthy, wealthy one for all and that we get plenty of stitching and stashing achieved!!


Small finishes for 2005

Well here are my last finishes for 2005, this is a small freebie called Carré Fleuri from Anne-les-petites-Croix website, I do love her freebies, I have finished this as a small scissor case, I've stitched it on 28ct gingham evenweave in lilac and white and stitched 2 small buttons to the front to close the case.

2005 Accomplishments/2006 Intentions

I didn't think I had done so many finishes until I checked and I quite suprised myself, here is a list of accomplishments for 2005, if you would like to see any of them they are in my webshots album under (naturally) 2005 album

1. Tap & Blackberries - Oehlenschlager (this won me a first at our local show in the linen/evenweave section)
2. Hummingbead Heaven - Just Nan
3. Sweet Rememberance - Just Nan (this won me a 2nd in our local show in the sampler section)
4. Pearl Orchid - Just Nan
5. Cats Meow -The Drawn Thread
6. 4 Seasonal birds - Waxing Moon freebies
7. Mystery Garden sampler - Anne les Petites croix freebie
8. ABC Samper - Anne les petites croix freebie
9. Lavender Mitten - Anne Les petites croix freebie
10. Spring Paw - Stitch Kitty
11. Farmers Prayer - Moira Blackburn (this won me a 2nd in our local show in the aida section)
12. Sweet Flowers - The Drawn Thread
13. Violet Sampler - Cedar Woods Designs
14. Homespun Heart - Lavender Wings
15. A Little House of my own - Elizabeths Designs
16. Stitchers prayer - Little House Needleworks
17. Wedding Sampler - cannot remember who the designer was
18. Angel Pie - Shepherds Bush
19. Snow Days - Shepherds Bush
20. Herb Pillow - Helen Phillips
21. Bless this house - Lizzie*Kate
22. Various small Just Nan designs
23. Various Xmas ornaments by different designers all done 1/1
24. Various other Xmas ornaments by different designers done 2/2 for gifts and exchanges
25. Mailart exchanges x 2
26. Mailart gifts x 3
27. Scissor Holder - Ellen Maurer Stroh freebie
28. Mini sampler - Anne les Petites croix freebie
29. Spring Heart - Anne les Petites croix freebie
30. Mermaid Heaven - Pinn (now this is not strictly a finish as I am only half way through it, but it is a WIP and will carry it over into 2006)
31. Les Dentelles - Keeping Tradition (again a WIP)

I seem to have had a year veering towards french designs when looking at them, there are some lovely ones out there in cyberland.

2006 intentions
Now this is a hard one for me, as I stitch what I like when I feel like it, but I will give it a startwith the definite things I know I will have definitley to do for the year

1. Complete Mermaid Heaven

2. Woodland Walk - DMC (this is for Mark)

3. My neighbourhood RR

4. Lizzie*Kate 2006 ornament SAL

5. Patchwork Sampler - Polstitches

6. Spade and Berries - Oehlenschlager

7. Winter Visitor - Crossed Wing Collection

8. Drawn Thread RR

9. Involved in various exchanges, mailart, Ornies etc

10. My favourite Things - Drawn Thread

11. Pheasant - Needlepoint Kit Cushion Bucilla (this is for Mark)

12. Les Dentelles - Keeping Tradition (WIP)

13. The Toy Gatherer - Shepherds Bush

14. Various Needlerolls - Shepherds Bush

Can't think of any other projects at the moment but will be adding to the list as the year goes by


The Christmas house stitched by my mum Posted by Picasa
The needlebook, pin cushion and tiny fob Posted by Picasa

Normal service will be resumed

fairly soon, unfortunately we all (that includes one cat too), have been hit with bugs and viruses and have felt pretty rough over Christmas. But, I had to show you the beautiful stitching basket and stitching smalls my mum and sister made for me and also the lovely house that mum made. I feel very lucky as I had some wonderful gifts, these are just beautiful... Aren't I lucky
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Your Christmas is Most Like: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Each year, you really get into the spirit of Christmas.
Which is much more important to you than nifty presents.


I would just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who visits my blog a Very Merry Christmas. I won't be blogging for a few days but I hope that everyone has a great festive time and gets lots of nice things for Crimbo, I hope to get a bit of stitching done, visitors and social life allowing LOL!!! But I'll be back next week sometime and hope to catch up with everyone then. I may have then got my 2006 stitching planning thought out and I can share it with you, but on the other hand I may not LOL!!!


Small finish

I needed a quick stitchy fix as I have been surfing blogs since I finished my part of the DT RR, so I stitched the Quaker Hedgehog which is a really delightful freebie by The Workbasket. Its stitched on beige 28ct linen and I used Dragonfloss by Polstitches in a limited edition colour called Moss Brown, I was really pleased with the way its turned out, I have finished it with a cord that I had in my scrapbag and I thought the colours went really well with it. It was a fun thing to stitch and only took a couple of hours to stitch and finish. I have made it into a pinkeeper. Posted by Picasa

Drawn Thread Round Robin

Well I have completed my part on Marie-Louise RR, This one is Real Roses that Marie has adapted to incorporate all 4 of us participants, so we can place our names at the bottom of each section we have sewn, My part I have sewn includes Smyrna crosses, and Queens stitch along with back-stitch and cross stitch she also hand-dyed one of the colours herself, (the darker mauve colour on the RR). Marie Louise also changed the colour scheme to and so it is really unique for her. It was fun to do, and I hope my work is OK for it, now I await the next one which will be Nelly's, this one although DT will be a bit of a mystery as I'm not aware that she has picked a particular design, I think we have to pick our own DT design to place on hers, though I will see when it arrives, then after that there will be one more and then mine will come home to me.



Well I have finally decided that I would teach myself for the 3rd time Hardanger, I have found that its always been aptly named Hard and it makes me Angry, but my LNS has just got a few new books in one being the Anchor book of Hardanger stitches, which is really good when I had a look, as its got step by step pictures which is just what a blonde like me could do with.

The reason you may ask why I've decided to learn? Well I keep finding lovely Victoria Sampler designs that I love and want to do so I intend to do one of the VS freebies first, plus I like some of the Leesa Steele designs in the Ornament mags, so watch this space during next yearas to whether or not I achieve or give up the ghost again!!
Oh and whilst I was in the LNS I treated myself again to 2 more of the DMC jewels, this time I got a varigated green and gold colour and the other was reds and golds and blues mixed.

Shouldn't visit the LNS

Fatal, just fatal, I went in today and they had finally got the new DMC pearl effects, jewel effects etc etc, so of course I had to treat myself I bought 3 precious metals, 2 pearl effects,1 glow in the dark, 1 jewel effect and 1 antique, the piece of fabric I already had courtesy of mum over the weekend, that's summer khaki 32ct linen.

Now to decide what to stitch using them, but I must before anything else finish the RR that arrived yesterday.

Update on Les Dentelles

As you can see by the picture I haven't really done much this week, but at least it was a start, I have managed to complete another small piece of lace and I have done all the backstitch filling on the large piece above it.

Round Robin

Today was a good post day, my friend Marie-Louise sent her RR on to me, and it came today. She has done a variation of Drawn Thread Real Roses and its so lovely, included with it was some thread that she had dyed herself its a beautiful deep plum colour, really lovely, I have already made a start on it tonight, we are a little behind as poor ML had a car accident a few weeks ago and hurt her neck and back and so of course had real difficulties stitching, so I want to get stitching and try and make up a little time as I expect the next part of the Drawn Thread RR we are in will be arriving before to long from ML.

The last few days when I have had time, as I didn't want to start on a new project as I knew this was on its way, I have been diligently stitching Les Dentelles, I have managed to fill in the lacy part of the large piece of lace and I have done another whole strip of lace below it, later when the camera is re-charged I will add a photo of my progress.

Also today I have been fiddling around with squares on the computer for the big Neighbourhood RR, although I have blocked it into 9 there are only 7 of us in it, so I was trying to think of a way to fill the extra squares without putting in extra houses and I think I have come up with a solution, I'm putting a river and a bridge in it, I have to admit it was mum who planted the idea last weekend, and I know that I will have to share the idea with her, so I was putting different variations together and will email them to my sister to show mum (wish mum had a computer, it would make life much easier sometimes for her).

Footnote: Re the lights saga
Tonight after they have been off all day, the lights are kind of working admittedly they are doing their own thing, not what they have been set too, but in a fashion they seem to be working, Mark has rang where we got them from today as he was off work until this evening and he is going to take them back tomorrow and put up the new ones - Way hay!!!

Lights, camera, and whats supposed to come next???

Oh that's right ACTION!! What no action, please excuse me whilst I have a small vent.... ARRRRRGH!!!

We bought lights for the front of the house last year, nice icicle lights L.E.D ones too, what happens they stop working 3 days after it took 2 hours and lots of swearing from Mark to put up, what did we do, take them back to the shop Oh no that would be too easy, no we bin them (£40 Down and no, we don't have money to throw away) Mark couldn't be hassled to take them back etc etc, this year we buy some more from the same place, this time twinkling/chasing icicle lights, spent and hour this time putting them up, Mark learnt from last year, plus he had left the fixings in so it was easier, 2 days later, they stop twinkling/chasing they are just static, this time they cost a bit more, Mark (who was off work today on leave), doesn't take them down, no to my mind we paid more for twinkling lights, static ones were cheaper (by the way they are £10 cheaper than last year), so we should take them back, it doesn't help that the shop owners are good friends either.

THEN to top things off yesterday, my beautiful garland which had lights in, and took me a couple of hours to decorate decides to give up the ghost and stop working so we had to go and get some more, this time I got LED twinkling lights for this, now up to press they are working and it looks nice but as they are LED they are a different colour to bulb lights which give off a lovely gold hue, plus it took me 2 hours to re-do the garland with all its extra bits, which I could have spent stitching yesterday, still never mind, when I came in from work tonight, they at least are still working.


How true is THIS:-

I was sent this today, and couldn't believe what I was reading its me to a T, no wonder I'm ill, I didn't know I was ill, but at least I do now, I have even enlisted a few weeks ago on the Chatelaine Mystery IX for next year now I know why I did LOL!!!

"Research Study

I have spent the better part of thirty years doing research and after thorough and exhaustive study I have finally gathered enough information to formulate and prove my theory. It can no longer be denied or disputed by physicians, Federal Government officials, or insurance companies. No, not even Blue Cross/Blue Shield!

Cross Stitching is a Disease!

Just as a drug user becomes addicted to his drugs so does the stitcher become addicted to her habit. Just as the drug addict requires more and more and specialized designer drugs so does the stitcher need more and more and specialized designs. And just as the drug addict will do anything for his next dose, a stitcher will indeed do anything for her next fix.
Point 1. When my research began, I started with Aida fabric and cotton floss. Simple basic x’s on simple basic designs. Then one day I was offered "evenweave" and then linen. Metallic thread was blended with the cotton threads and beads were added. Before I knew what was happening I was slipped "quarter stitches", "French knots", and the dreaded "lazy daisy". The progression was so slow that it was hardly noticeable until at present it is now hand-dyed fabric, silk threads, delica beads, specialty fibers, specialty stitches and quite challenging designs by ladies such as the Queen of the Blended Threads and the Chatelaine of the Gardens.
Point 2. When my research began, only those things were bought that were needed at the moment. But gradually things were purchased in advance of need. It was called "kitting" up a design. Then slowly one kit became two and three and more. Suddenly, without prior knowledge, the dresser filled and then the closet became full. Before long the spare bedroom became a stash room. Soon it became hiding packages from the spouse so he wouldn’t know just how much was spent. And now it is trying to see what can be sold to purchase more stash. My biggest concern is what will be next? Just like the drug addict, a stitcher must have her next fix!
Point 3. In order to relieve a stitcher from the burdens and stress of her addiction she must undergo extensive and exhaustive therapy. Usually this therapy is very expensive and not 100% effective. Like the drug addict, it is very easy to revert to old habits. And most stitchers feel that the treatment is worse than the problem.


1. I find that Cross Stitching is undeniably a disease and should be added to the Physicians Desk Reference as such.
2. There is no cure.
3. Although there is treatment for this disease, it is expensive and not often successful and therefore, most patients prefer to abstain.
4. Once diagnosed with this disease, employers, family members, and friends should be considerate of the stitcher’s needs and avoid confrontation and criticism.

Here is a close up of the Ornie

I love this - Thankyou Angie xx

My wonderful Christmas parcel from Angie

I just had to show you the wonderful Christmas parcel I received from my friend Angie, its lovely, I love it all, and she has madde me a lovely Ornie for the tree, its the Brittercup Kitty its lovely.

Aren't I beautiful?!!

Well I finally managed to get a picture of Tash, she was very grumpy about it, and I had to entertain her with the camera handle first just so I could take a phot, she is a contrary creature but very beautiful, this time of year she always looks so much bigger than she is, and she loves being all fluffy and walks around very elegantly.

Good weekend

Well I had a great weekend over at my parents, mum and I were extremely industrious and we have marked out our fabric for the Neighbourhood RR, Now I'm really getting excited about it, its a shame that there are now only 7 of us, but I know that we will all have fun with it. Mum and I have both been boring and marked it out as a 9 parter, we are both happy to do the extra 2 parts on it, but I am toying with the idea of placing a pathway along it and through it which could reduce the number of sectoins, so I'm still deciding what to do at the moment. We have also gone through mums charts to find houses and gardens and bits and bobs.

I received one stash parcel whilst we have been away, but as yet I've to take a picture, I also received a lovely parcel from my friend Angie in Cananda which was a lovely box of things, again I'll photograph it later.

Happy Birthday Karen

Happy Birthday to my best buddy Karen, hope you have a good one.

Good stash day too

More stash in the post again, I am on stash overload for definite, I eceived 3 silkweaver pieces (9x13 size) one is cream, beige 28ct linen and dark natural 32ct linen which I won on ebay and had a real bargain basically they cost the price of 1 9x13 for all 3 together so I felt I had had a real bargain. Also a lovely Brightneedle chart - Decorating the town, not bad at all, not much more to arrive now, but I have been naughty again and ordered from Needlecraft Corner some more charts - tut tut LOL!!! Although one is for my niece Amy for part of her Christmas present, she is 6yrs old and already into Brightneedle and stitches on 28ct linen, she has stated to collect the Mary Kirby series, so I got her one of them as an extra pressie.

Even the kitchen was done!!

I found this tin santa in my local garden centre and fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. The kitchen even has its own tree too, its a wooden tree with glass baubles I stitched the little snowmans belly a few years ago, My kitchen ideas are wood and tin.




Decs are up!!

Well I had to miss yesterday blogging as I was putting up the tree and the other bits and bobs that I do, it took me all evening, even though the tree is only 24" tall. I was really pleased with my efforts this year I must admit, my miniature tree has turned out a treat, though I must do more ornaments for it, there are 8 on it this year and I have added all my very small ornaments that I have received from friends and family and a few that I have bought myself over the years. I was also very pleased with my fireplace garland, that I felt, I had excelled with this year (nothing like blowing ones own trumpet!!!), I have finished wrapping presents now apart from one which I will do later tonight and I am almost finished writing cards.

Had to share

I have just received this from Maria, it gave me a good belly laugh tonight!!

Now what will tomorrow bring?

Well seeing as I'm waiting for some more things I bought from ebay, like the Needlepoint kit of the pair of pheasants, 3 more small pieces of silkweaver fabric and another SB Needleroll, I wonder which will arrive first, It'll be a case of 'watch this space'.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the cats, but only Floozi would oblige, and as you can see he is in mid wash mode, Tasha tends to be camera shy at times but if she is in the right mood then she will even pose for me, but the only digital one I could find was her back end when she was chasing her ball, I'll save her until tomorrow or later on, when she comes in from wherever she was so desperate to go 10mins ago, she's like me very camera shy.

and the third parcel was?

3 pieces of fabric I won on ebay - Attic treasure, mountain rose and Old Gold, all 32ct linen and all three were different sized pieces.

The second was....

from Heavenly hues, I found this lady on ebay selling her own hand dyed thread, so of course I couldn't resist and bought a pack of 30, they are lovely colours with wonderful names like Strawberry fields, Giddy Green and Giggly grape, I can't wait to work with them, I think I might do a small freebie by Joy of the Needle called House sampler 3 with them.

He's been again......

today, the stashman arrived and has brought me a wonderful array of stash, I am having quite a splurge at the moment. The first I opened was from the Polstitches sale, I got some hand-dyed Aida for an exchange I am in the New Year and my exchange partner only stitches on aida so I got a piece of Candy Floss which is a very bright pink. I also got some of the Ltd edition threads which are so soft and lovely to work with, they were for the exchnage but I am so tempted to keep them for myself, but I will be good and add them to the stash exchange parcel.

Nearly finished...

wrapping presents, I started to get carried away, and very creative, will post a picture of the finished parcels when they are all complete and I have put the tree up, seeing as half of them will disappear next weekend when they are delivered to mum!!

I seem to have mislaid a few as well, 2 are for mum, can't seem to find them anywhere, well I had better go and search.....

Distracting day

Today has been a very distracting day one way or another, for some reason I awoke early in fact it was my normal, weekly get out of bed time, should have realised then what today would be like, Mark calls these days Susan days LOL!! I had decided to start wrapping gifts and writing cards and posting mailart etc etc, ....sat for the first hour looking at the curtains thinking I hate those curtains, they never ironed well after washing and the lining didn't shrink the curtains did on washing, -- Good start to the day, one cold cup of tea later, Tasha decides that she wants to sit on her mums knee and she is very wet as its raining!!

Eventually managed to drag myself upstairs to dress and wash, side tracked myself with the computer, another hour and another cold cup of tea, Mark shouts bye as he is off out for the day, gets dressed as I have looked at the clock and its 9am, need to get to the Post Office - that was a fairly uneventful journey, stopped to take one cat home as Floozi thought he would come with me, Tash is remaining at a respectful distance - she knows its a Susan day too! Sets off again to the P.O. posts the envelopes, chats to a neighbour wanders home - side tracked to talk to a friend queuing at the cash machine, which reminded me I need ed to get some cash, wanders home with the intention of going back to get some cash from the hole in the wall, - sidetracked by the phone ringing. 20mins later a slightly warmer cuppa, sets off for the HITW, stashman cometh - sidetracked had to open the exchange parcel I got, from the wish list exchange - gooood stuff in it too, baby ort bag, Hand-dyed fabric good choice - phone rings friend - come to Workington with me I need advice (this is a male friend who dithers a lot), be round in 10 mins, - gets changed ready for a shopping rip, sets off everything goes well, bought new curtains in a nice 'posh' curtain shop, few wrapping things Mark a pair of slippers, DF wants to go to the BIG stores on the trading estate - OK off we go, lets get a McDonald's says I, good idea says he, hour later after being in BIG store looking at fridges, cookers, telephones (which by the way was what DF wanted the advice over - no nothing exciting as to what he should buy the girlfriend for Xmas, like perfume, etc, no he wants a phone for his house -typical man.

Hits the drive thru' - yep you guessed it never went to HITW - no money!! DF to the rescue, and bought me lunch (well it was the least he could do after I trailed about and all he wanted was a phone!!

Finally goes home, dither, dither shall I wrap, write or read, reading won, so back on the computer - Notice I haven't dome a stitch yet all day and its now 14:30 AND its Saturday no stitching - withdrawal symptoms!!

Decides next plan would be Write, Wrap or stitch? - Yep you guessed it, phone rang - so I talked instead.

Finally managed to get off the phone from some women looking for Marks mother!! dunno what that was all about but 80th birthday parties and messages were part of it!!???

Wrote about 60 cards (thats about half) then I had a choice again, but the cats wanted feeding and playing with so they won for an hour, Mark came home, so chatted to him for half an hour then he went down the pub - should I stay or should I go? no I stayed deceided not to go with him I should go read - might be something important, no emails - ahh I'll just check 1-2-3 for a natter, oh phone again, wrong number - now what was I doing? oh I remember, wrapping gifts, did half a dozen Mark came home, had tea, he's watching golf, where am I - oh here of course, need to do some stitching will not be sidetracked any longer Oh and by the way, still never got to the HITW for some cash....


Stashman has been again

What a wonderful day it is today, the stashman made a huge delivery, well, alright not that huge, but it was wonderful to open. I received my attic stash packet courtesy of Jaynes attic , which was full of goodies, there were special edition thread by Ozark Sampler, stitchers soap by the same. 2 x Dinky dyes special edition silk, and 2 x dinky dyes special edition cotton thread. Polstitches handyed fabric in a colour called Chilblains which is a lilacy, silverish colour included in that were 4 different hand-dyed 7mm ribbons about 3 mtres of each. Kates Kloths space dyed in Christmas Greetings again in very nearly the same colour as the Polstitches fabric with one of her skeins of thread. This was really great, the only thing I was a little disappointed about was that the 2 fabrics although by different company's were almost the same colour, I had thought when I ordered the Christmas stash packet the fabric colours would have been totally different, still never mind I know that I will use them both. The other part of my delivery that I received was Polstitches Dragon Floss Ltd edition pack for Christmas, there are 7 lovely colours the photo does not show the brightness of these colours well enough.
Your Scent is Rose

Delicate, feminine, and soft
Your personality is fresh and understated

This is my birth sign flower too

You Are a Carnation

You are down to earth and grounded.
You tend to be more traditional than trendy.
Your confidence gets you through anything.
People trust you and are very loyal to you.

Things I must do for December

Well I have been giving it some great thought about the things I must do in December and have made myself a list again, this time on here instead of on paper.
1. Mark out blocks for Neighbourhood RR
2. Do some more work on WIP - Les Dentelles by Keeping Tradition - This is how it looks up to today. As you can see I still have a way to go with it.
3. Start Woodland Walk when the fabric arrives.
4. Stitch Friendship Sampler by Brightneedle.
5. Stitch snowman Mailart exchange from the Stitch and Stash board in readiness for posting imediatley after the New Year.

While we are on this subject

here is another, again I would be willing to trade/buy etc etc. This is by Carriage House Samplings and is called Berries and Pins

Has anyone any idea where...

I can find this, I saw it the other night in someone elses wish list and immediately fell in love with it. If anyone out there has it to trade/sell I would gladly do or know where in internet world I can order it to the UK? The design is by Lynne Nicoletti and it is called A Robins Christmas

Finished it

I have finished mums mailart envelope tonight. I have really enjoyed stitching it. The front is a Scandinavian Stitches design from JCS Ornament mag. I used NN overdyed green for the fir branches. The back is a Pat Rogers Counted Collection design from the 1997 JCS Ornie mag. I again made changes and instead of gold around the hearts I stitched the whole heart in DMC varigated red. I also added red ribbon in place of the gold, plus I changed the holly leaves colours from DMC 500, 501 & 502 to my own choices to match the overdyed on the front. I really enjoyed stitching this one and I know mum will love it and it will come as a complete surprise. Now to get it weighed and put the stamp on and post tomorrow...

Busy weekend

Have been so busy this weekend, we have been decorating the lounge, how come when you do that particular room, every room in the house becomes massively untidy, I think and untidy fairy appears and makes it that way!! well at least thats over and done with for this year!! It un-nerved poor Floozi, he didn't like it one bit and it took a lot yesterday for him to come in and have something to eat, but at least now its all back to normal he appears to be. Tash, well she doesn't care as long as she has a nice warm bed to lie on and her food arrives on time. LOL!!

I have been busy stitching on mum's mailart envelope, I nearly have it finished now I can sit in the lounge, I stitched sitting on the bed yesterday, but just can't get comfy. When I've finished it, I will put up a picture.

Mailart finish

Well I have put together and finished my mailart envelope I was doing, I'm really pleased with it. I have stitched it on tea dyed evenweave. The front is a Blackbird designs 'Candy Cane which was in the 2003 JCS ornament special and the back is also from the same magazine and that is Lizzie*Kate 'Peace', I used my own colour thread choices and used Kate Kloths hand-dyed St Patricks green, on the back of the envelope I added the tiny gingerbread man, it was supposed to be a silver bird house, but I didn't have one and I love the little 'man'

Stash man has cometh

Lovely day today, not only is it Friday, but the stash man made another delivery today, I received Thisbe needleroll and Stitchers needleroll in the post today, I won them on ebay the othr day, well actually I only bid and won Stitchers, but the lady was so nice as when I opened the envelope she had also added Thisbe chart as she had a spare and thought I might like it, I thought that was lovely of her and a complete surprise.


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