Garden Exchange post No 2


As promised here is what I stitched for mum, we must have both been on a similar idea for the exchange as I made Mum a necessaire too, but one a little different. The design on the front is from Brightneedles Nine-Patch Village, stitched 1/1 on 32ct linen, I changed the colours slightly to suit the lavender haze border colour I had in my stash.


This is the inside of the necessaire, the designs for the pinkeep and the little pocket on the top part are from Brightneedles Nine-patch village...


... and the scissor pocket is kind of like Brightneedles Ladies Collection (I kind of piltched the writing a little as it was how I wanted it to look). Its all fastened together using overdyed silk ribbon for the scissor fastening and to close the necessaire.


I was really happy that Mum loved the whole thing as it was the first I have made like this.

We have had a really great day today down at Fobbles, as always Bev and Edna were wonderful hostesses, and Anne provided us with a lovely lunch - these stitching days there are really good and I will go back to do one again soon. It was so lovely to spend the day stitching with Mum and other fellow stitchers.

Garden Exchange

Mum and I agreed earlier this year that we would do a Garden exchange for each other. When mum arrived this week it was about the first thing we did and swap parcels with each other. Mum has made me a wonderful stitchers pocket or necessaire, its soooo lovely and really pretty.


Mum knows I love pansies and violas and she stitched me this lovely wheelbarrow full of them - This is the back of the necessaire.


On the front are some more little violas and our initials and its fastened with soft satin ribbon.


Inside Mum has lined it with a really pretty fabric which my pics don't show very clearly, running along the bottom is a pocket for keeping necessary stitchers tools, and the centre is a place for my needles, and then there is a place on the right with a MoP heart ring for storing ribbon or thread, Mum added lots of girly frothy voile narrow ribbon which are great and I will use them. I really think that my mum is so talented with her ideas and finishes and I feel so fortunate to receive one of her lovely finishes.


Mum also added lots a pretty goodies to one being the lovely little butterfly trim you can see. THANKYOU SO MUCH Mum I really love when you made for me xx

I'll do another posting later today of what I did for mum, as right now Mum and I are off to Fobbles (again!!) to do a stitchy workshop day, Beverley offered for us to come down for the day and bring our stitching and join some other ladies who are doing the same, so we have packed up our bits and Dad is taking us down as soon as I have had a shower.............. - Until later

A new starter...

Photobucket in our midst. My SIL Dawn has decided that she just might like to have a go at making things, so she borrowed my TILDA books and had a try, when she appeared this weekend she came bearing gifts for me, she made me a pear, a strawberry and a heart with a beaded edged trim and the free style embroidery she had done herself.

I thought they were lovely and was very proud of her. NOW she says she wants me to teach her to x-stitch too and so we are going to look through my patterns this weekend and she has already been into the fabrics to raid but I had to re-direct her away from ther linens and towards the aida, just for a start, then we will progress after that, I was so happy when she asked me to teach her, its been a while since I've done that, so before long we may have another cross stitcher, I knew my constant chittering would pay off in the end,and dragging her around anything to do with stitching in the shops LOL!

.... Now to persuade her that blogging is great fun too!

Last night I went to see Mama Mia at the cinema it was BRILLIANT and really enjoyed it, it really is a feel good film, I might see if Mum would like to go next week when they are here as I know she will love it.

Redwork Pinkeep


I stitched this for Dusty, we did a private exchange as there was a little mix up when she tried to join the Redwork/Mono exchange on JABB as I never received her email,and I felt so bad about it, so I asked her if she would like for us to do one together. I think I'm quite safe posting this up now as I don't think she reads my blog, and I think she should have received it by now anyway - Dusty isn't a regular on her pc.

Its a design by Savoir Faire Vailly from the leaflet Series 1 'Le Long Fils Tranquille'. I stitched it using VC silk.

Its trimmed using red ruched ribbon and glass headed pins.

Hope your weather is much better than ours is - its diabolical all this rain, this Wednesday is our village show day I hope it doesn't get cancelled cos of the weather, I'm not showing anything this year I was going too, but airhead me, thought the closing date was 2 days after the proper closing date so hence my application didn't arrive on time - Never mind there is always next year!



I entered a Giveaway on Debbies blog, and to my surprise and joy, I found that I had won, I was really excited about it as Debbie makes such pretty tags and cards, anyway yesterday a parcel arrived and there was a really pretty bag and inside the bag was all these wonderful tags and cards, plus a wonderful card from Debbie herself. Thankyou again Debbie for holding the giveaway I am so pleased that I entered - this is the first time I have actually won anything on a giveaway I think.

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend, I have been doing the finishing touches this morning to the exchange piece that I am doing with mum, we decided on a Garden exchange and I am so excited about giving her it , mum and dad are coming to stay with us soon so I can give it to her personally and then show you all.



First Thankyou - Nice isn't it!! This lovely needlebook came from Christine who was my partner for the Jaynes Attic Redwork/Mono exchange, I really really like this, its so beautifully made and stitched, on the reverse is my initial. Thankyou so much Christine for this lovely needlecase, I feel I am ever so fortunate by the lovely exchanges I receive.

Next Thankyou goes to my Blog Angel who helped me sort out the mistakes on my blog with me - I thankyou so much Deb.

I received another lovely little package too, I entered a blog giveaway competition and won something - yippee, I'll have more details and a pic tomorrow.

Also I have been asked about my etui, in my header - the design is by EEF that I picked for the base and the etui I made looking at the pictures on different French blogs that had made them in the past. Sorry I can't be anymore helpful than that, I think in the comments part of the posting of the etui, NatalieJo kindly gave the directions to find out how to do it.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Belated gift


Vonna emailed me to let me know her VERY VERY belated birthday gift has arrived safe and sound to her door - and boy was that quick getting over to her, which makes me think that the post fairy knew I wanted it to get there fast.

The design is a favourite Shepherds Bush - Birthday Wish sheep, I stitched it 1/1 using none of the recommended threads. I just kind of picked my own, and the fabric is a pretty soft pink and lavender that I had in my stash that I used to back it with and lavender ric-rac.

We have been computerless since Monday night and its been awful, I felt I had lost something - although I don't always get on every night especially if I'm busy I usually check my emails daily and its been awful!! But it is back now from the computer hospital and feels much better has loads of energy!!

Talking of energy - I got my discharge from the hospital yesterday - I was so pleased as that means no more tests - not that they were very conclusive anyway, but I do feel better. Mark is tons better now and more or less back to normal - he still hasn't played golf yet though, next weekend apparantly is the target!

I have an exchange to show you that I received earlier this week from the Jaynes Attic boards Mono/Redwork exchange, I had hoped to show it earlier in the week, but when I went to use the camera it was dead so I have had to re-charge the battery, and so I will take a picture later this evening and get it posted up tomorrow.

Monochromatic exchange


Elisa received her exchange from me today, The theme was redwork or monochromatic, I decided to do a monochromatic one.

I had bought one of Yuko's designs from Casamia when her on line shop was open and it was of the cherub alphabet, I have longed for this alphabet for ages, and when it came it was perfect I felt to do for Elisa. I stitched her initial in Vicki Clayton 'chocolate' silk thread - Elisa loves chocolate, so I thought that the thread colour was just perfect for her.

Its stitched on Graziano linen and I couldn't decide for a while what to finish it as, in the end I thought the tried and trusted pinkeep would be nice, and I added a little of nan's lace around the inside edge as it looked a little bare otherwise. The backing fabric is a Moda fabric I had in my stash and it was chocolate browns and minty paisley. I used brown satin ribbon for around the outside edge and glass beads in mint and white.

I would also like to say a HUGE HUGE THANKYOU to Chris, Jackie, Claudia, Hazel, and Katica, who have nominated me for an award, your kindness has really touched me, I feel really grateful for all the nominations and its so nice to be appreciated by fellow bloggers.

Hope that everyone has a really great weekend, we intend to have a quiet one this week, Mark is very much improved and went back to work on Wednesday though I wish he had stayed off at least until this Monday, but he said he felt ready (He's missing his golf like mad too, not that he can swing a club at least for another couple of weeks), but I have passed on everyones good wishes.

Arrgh! Whats happened to my blog all my posts have shifted left and I can't seem to sort it - anyone out there got any ideas??


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