Christmas is Coming

Finally as promised the start of my Christmas stitching for this year.

This lovely little kit which included the gorgeous wooden frame, was given to me by my friend Jen, as soon as I received it I knew I wanted to get it started, but I have Harry around now and of course stitching has yet again taken a back seat a little, but I got this all finished and wanted to share it with you.

The design is by Olde Colonial Designs and is of course called 'Peace on Earth' as said in the stitching. All the fabric and the threads were included in the kit as were the tiny silver angel charms, I didn't change a thing. The whole thing measures about 3" high.

Thankyou Jen for the lovely surprise gift, I really loved stitching this pretty.

Other news is I have finished quite a few ornaments so far, but as yet not put them all together, I have plans though LOL!
I'm off to Harrogate this weekend, with Mum and Lil' Sis Helen and SIL Dawn, I am so looking forward to it as I haven't been for a couple of years now and Dawn has never been before, so its gonna be fun, fun, fun for the 4 of us. Anyone else going this year? Maybe we can arrange a quick meet up, that would be lovely.

Til Later, Hugs


Further adventures....

...of Harry

HELLO!! Harry here, mum has finally let me post on the blog, she's been too busy to supervise me she says as she has been stitching and knitting and has stuff to show you all, and I keep stopping her, but I have dying to tell you about my visit to see 'Grandma' and mostly about visiting Bailey and Bonnie (who I might add is a grumpy old lady with no sense of fun!)

Mum took me over the other weekend and I met the rest of the family, Oh Bailey is my HERO!! He let me climb all over him and he has the most wonderful tail to chase and hang on too, I tried it with 'Grumpy drawers' but she was having none of it, kept telling me off, so I just gave her lots of cheek instead, but she did let me sleep near her.

I had the longest journey to get over there, but mum says I was very good and we can go again, in fact we are off to visit 'My HERO' again this weekend as mum is going to a place called Harrogate to a knit and stitch show and I can't go there, so I'm staying the day with Bailey and Grandad.

I have been leaarning to fetch and can do that quite well I think, and I have now had my last injections which hurt a little, and last Saturday I went out for my first walk, - Ooo that was scarey, but I'm getting used to it and people keep stopping to pet me as they think I'm incredibly cute and the smallest thing ever.

Molly commented in my last post and told me the big furry thing is a cat like her, well the 'Cat' thats here is getting a little better, but I like nothing better than when she is eating her tea, to try and pinch her biscuits, she gets all cross and I have to hide behind mum, but I always manage to pinch a couple of them LOL!

Rory said I would like the spiky stuff real soon and he was right its really nice excpet when its wet, then I get cold again, but I am getting better at my toilet habits and starting to go outside I just fgorget to ask mum to take me out sometimes ... sigh... its such a lot to remember and I am only 3 months old, Mum is quite good about it, but she gets cross if I just stop playing and start to go where I am stood, but thats getting better now and I hardly do that, and mum has been giving me some yellow stuff called cheese as a treat and I like that stuff so I am getting betterer and betterer. I have completely dry nights and I am dry through the day as I have one of mums friends coming to see me every lunchtime and she thinks I'm perfect so I don't want to spoil that.

I'll leave you with a picture mum took of me mountaineering on Bailey, he was ever so obliging and was laying on the floor so I wanted to lick his ears so I walked all over him to get there....

L'Cage de Eglantine

Finally a finish to share with you, this is L'Cage de Eglantine, by Martine Leonard, a wonderful French Designer.

I first saw this on DanyBrods ( ) blog earlier this year and fell in love with it, so thought I might do my version of it too, I also added like Dany a ring and a clasp instead of a stitched one, which I felt makes all the difference.

I have stitched mine on 40ct cream linen using the recommended DMC colours, the little bird is stitched 1/1 on 40ct and attached to the cage using a cream chiffon ribbon, the cage is 2/2. I have used a beautiful piece of embroidered lace trim to edge around the inside of the frame, and the frame is just a very simple creamy white 10"x8" from from Ikea.

Watch out for a Harry post soon as he has been pestering me as he wants to tell you all about his holiday to the North East and to reply to his 4-legged friends comments.

I also have a couple more finishes to share too, but these are more of a Christmas kind.

Til later Hugs


Am I not just the cutest.... you have ever seen,  well at least thats what my new mum has told me!

Let me introduce myself my name is Harry and I'm here to cause havoc in 'her indoors' normally ordered life.
I've already got her to roll up her big cream rug - can't be doing with all the cream bits she has around, so I wee'd on it - I thought she wouldn't see it straight away but she has hawk eyes! She says she will unroll it once I've learnt some manners - Ha! we'll see eh! I kept her awake on Sunday night, she was in such a nice big bed and she had me on the floor in a cage - Ha! the indignity -  and that big fluffy thing kept looking at me and licking  "its" lips, my cuteness doesn't seem to work on "it"! "It" won't even introduce itself as "it" just keeps walking away from me - "it" is very scarey thing though! I must ask 'Her Indoors' what "it" is.

I tried to pull the feathers from round the edge of her fancy red velevet cushions, I only managed to get 1 before I got caught, but I will wait cos I know I will get the chance again.

'Her Indoors' took me to what she said was the garden - didn't like that at all, so I wouldn't wee until I got back in again where it was warm and there was a puppy pad which was soft on my feet, not that spiky green stuff called grass -  I had the indignity of having a blue spotty harness put on me, to walk around the garden , don't tell 'her indoors' but I didn't really mind it I thought I looked quite grown up, I just wish she would knit me a jumper or something, cos baby its cold outside!
Well my little paws are aching doing this typing lark, but don't despair I will return when she lets me have a go again, but she wants to get on the computer she says.


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