The tour begins

I thought I would start my tour with my lounge, its so hard to take photos of it, I have struggled a little so that I could try and give you an overview, but it was difficult, I hope that you like the snippets that I show, otherwise you will all just have to come and visit and see it for real LOL!

Let me start with yet another cushion, remember me?!! I stitched this pretty EEF design a little while ago, and mum suggested finishing it as a cushion, and this is the finished result.

Next up is the view when you walk through to the lounge on the right hand side of the room. The footstool mum and I recovered together, we had fun doing it.

Would you like a view of the little vignette I did in the corner - yes? Ok here it comes

Next up more of my cushions that Mum and I made together, it was mums idea to add the MoP buttons to the sides of this cushion,

Transfer was a freebie on the web, fabric from IKEA.

The mantle view - Stocks from Marks & Spencer, candles from Melt, light from Ikea

The opposite side of the room, print is by Sue Fenlon - a wonderful artist who lives in Northumbria, I have another above the other sofa

A close up of the Love Pillow that Mum made for me, we saw these when browsing one day in a posh shop and they were £80 each, so mum said she would make me one.

View through the looking glass

I hope you enjoyed the look around my lounge, its very very different to what it was before as I had a gold suite and deep cushions and different mirror and artwork on the walls now I'm very happy with it as it feels like my space. Of course there are things I would still love to change - I would love to remove the carpet and have wood flooring put down, I would also love to change the fireplace and fire, but I can't do that, so this is my finish, I can't wait now for Christmas and to change the way it looks again LOL!

After the Rain

Two posts in One Day, almost a record for me I think LOL!!

Thankyou for not deserting me your comments mean so much and they give me great encouragement so thankyou!

I popped out in the garden earlier this evening once the rain had stopped and took a few pictures to share with you, I hope that you like them.

The one above is from my back garden, I can see this from my window, a few of the wild yellow poppies have appeared and look so pretty amongst the London Pride, Hosta, Day Lily and Meadowsweet.

This is my large oriental poppy

Grandma's bonnets (Aqaligia)

My lovely spring Clematis

Lace Cap Climbing Hydrangea, Hosta and Meadowsweet

A visitor among the Ivy

Tash amongst the self seeding plants in the front path

Well I hope you liked my little visit I made for you for the Garden, it looks so fresh after the rain today, I couldn't resist taking some photos and Tash as always had to join me, so that she didn't miss out on the photo-shoot LOL!

I'm Back!!

Wow I can't believe its so long since I have posted or even been around the blogs, also I haven't even really been on the computer very much at all! Thankyou to all who have emailed me, rang me or posted a comment to me wondering where I am and if I'm OK!

As the saying goes : Keep Calm, Carry On!! and yes I have had to think about that wee saying on and off over the past few weeks, at times its been tumulteous, as it was the anniversary of 'the Break-up' which I struggled with and also it was 'his' birthday and the first without me being around 'him'. 'He' has been on holiday with his'chick' (I say the 'chick' word loosely as I would very much like to call her something very unprintable, un-writable etc LOL!) which I also struggled massively with. But.... then I thought about all the things I have achieved since he went and how my life is changing and what I have learnt and I gave myself a wee pat on the back and thought I have come on in myself quite a bit, what with learning to drive (not yet sat the practical test yet, but I have booked a date), I've bought a car, All that decorating and re-designing the house and losing weight, not that far off my target either now just another 28lbs to go, I am now lighter than I was in 1999!

The cushion above is what I made for 'Him' for his birthday, as the saying can also apply to how he has been feeling at times so I gather, so I hunted around the internet and found the freebie design and printed it off onto transfer paper and made the cushion. 'He' told me that he liked it so that was good!

The cushion behind it, is also one of new ones that I made a whole assortment of different ones with Mum when they were over for the weekend a couple of weeks ago now. These I will show soon.
I have had lots of visitors too, staying from a couple of nights to almost a week at a time, this is the first weekend in ages when I have had nobody here and its giving me the opportunity to blog etc.

I have taken lots of pics of the house and will show them soon and also I have been working incredibly hard on my garden, it might be only a little space but I had let it overgrow this past year and so have worked at it and its now full of plants and hopefully will look wonderful when they all flower. I even have a couple of tomato plants - courtesy of 'Him' and will have my own toms this year which I am looking forward too.


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