Prairie Schooler

Here is my 'not' Christmas Ornament finish. Its by PS - A praire year stitched on soft pink 32ct linen using the recommended DMC colours, stitched 1/2. I trimmed it with a beaded pink trim.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and thank you to my new visitors for their lovely comments I really appreciate them.

A Treat

arrived in the post for me today it was a belated birthday gift from my very dear friend Angela. Angela has stitched for me this gorgeous flat fold in colours that she knows I love with the perfect sentiment for the two of us, I really love this special gift - I'll be ringing you later Ang, I just wanted to show it to everyone as I think its so lovely.

On my stitching front I have done another ornament, and completed the finishing on 3 others, I will have pictures to show, but I don't think I'm going to manage them this week, it'll more likely be the weekend now, but I have a not Christmas ornie to show - well almost to show I'll be finishing the finishing (if you know what I mean) tonight.

I received another package too from my mum and what a treat was in there too, but I want to show them with my Christmas stitching so I'll just tease a bit about them, but they are lovely what she has made for me.

Think Pink

As we all know this month is Think Pink month in aid of Breast cancer awareness, so I stitched and finished yesterday this wee pincushion. The deisgn is Assissi birds from from The Gift of Stitching, the thread is a polstitches Dragon Floss - but I lost the label so couldn't tell you the colour. I've stitched it on 32ct linen.
I'm wanting to stitch the lovely pinkeep that Mary Kathryn designed, I ordered and received it a couple of weeks ago, but not had time yet, but I do hope to have it done before the end of the month.

As you probably can tell my finishing Mojo has returned, from wherever it visited, so I'm pleased about that! so much so, I have now done the finishing on my Autumn seasonal exchange - look out Nicki, it will be coming down to you this week sometime, and also my SBEBB LHN exchange, thats all done and dusted too in readiness for posting next month.

Currently finishing Christmas ornies, pictures of those later this week perhaps.

Embellished bag tutorial.

I have had some problems posting the pictures for this tutorial on the Focus on finishing blog (link in previous posting), so I decided I would also post the tutorial up on my own blog too with all the pictures.


stitched piece, leaving a generous margin around the design. My design was 9 cm x 16cm (3 1/2″ x 6″) and I added a 1-cm seam allowances for this project
fabric of the same size - I tend to cut mine slightly larger
ribbon for the hanger
Beaded trim
sewing thread that matches.


ruler or measurer’s tape
(optional) pinking shears
seam ripper or small pointed scissors
chopstick or whatnot to turn your work inside out and make crisp corners
hand-sewing needle
Sewing machine (optional)

This is a very easy project, and while a sewing machine will make your work go quicker, you can do this by hand. Anyone can do this project

Step 1: Cut backing fabric slightly larger than stitched piece, For this particular design I have allowed 5cm from the edge of the design to the seam and 1cm for my seam. For the top allow the depth of your lace plus a further 5cm for turning over to make the top neat. - As you can see from my picture I didn’t remember to allow extra at the top and so had to make a cuff. Iron both pieces and turn fabric allowed for top over and iron flat.

Step 2: Either hand sew or machine stitch the 2 sides and the bottom together

Step 3: Trim the corner so that when you turn it to the right sides and gently push the corners out they won’t be bulky

Step 4: Turn the bag right sides out. Push the corners out gently.Iron your pouch - its not a bag til the handle is on!

Step 5: Measure the top of your bag (mine was 15cm) and cut your lace that size. Pin or tack your chosen lace to the top of the front of your back, then handsew into place only going through the lace and the front of the bag.

Step 6: Pin or tack your ribbon or cord for the handle (this should be cut to your chosen size), either to the inside of the bag where you can’t see the tails or to the outside of the bag where you will see the tails, then handstitch into place securely.

Step 7: Measure the size of the bottom of your bag and cut the beaded ribbon to size. Pin or tack into place on the back of your bag at the bottom so you can see the beads hanging down. Hand sew into place.

Step 8: I added some tiny glass beads to the ends of my lace for extra adornment. You could do the same.

This type of bag lends itself to all sorts of designs and sizes and trims. Let you imagination run riot instead of beads and lace you could add tassels and pom poms, ribbon and cording etc etc.

Remember too that this is my way of making these bags I’m sure there are other easier ways than this, but this is how I do them.

If you do make a bag please share it with us all so we can see, it would be especially nice if you could post your finished bag on the Focus on Finishing (link in previous post)blog.

Embellished Bag

This weekend on the Focus on Finishing Blog I'm doing a tutorial on how I finish my embellished bags, if you want to see the posting about how to do it, it will be up tomorrow with hopefully step by step pictures and text, I'm not always the best at explaining unless I have people in front of me, so hoepfully it will be clear enough.

This is a LHN design I stitched earlier this year and thought it would be perfect as an embellished bag so I finished this on Tuesday night. I think its very feminine with its beads, voile ribbon and lace.

From my mum

This is part of the birthday gift I received from my mum - the stitchy part - isn't it lovely, I love the wee cat in the middle, mum says that its Tasha in our garden.

Tomorrow I will show you a finish I did last night.

Thankyou again everyone for your best wishes, I really did have a great birthday - my last year in my 40's (sigh)

From Barbara

Isn't this just so sweet! Can you see the wee snails I Luuurve snails - I received this from Barbara - I know that I have already mailed you privately but I want to say thanks again. I love my little floss fob its the first I've ever received and I think they are smashing I really appreciate it, and knowing as well that really you should be resting and stitching for yourself and Arden :-))

This is a picture of the back of the fob, I love the verse its wonderful.

I would also like to say a HUGE, HUGE Thanks for all your birthday wishes its so nice of you and for the cards and e-cards I have received, thanks Girls you are all the best - hugs

...........My Birthday!! so please help yourself to a slice of cake!

...and I couldn't wait to thank some friends and family for their good wishes, love and gifts, I'm not going to show all my stitchy gifts at once, but BIG huge thanks to Yuko, Babara and mum for the most gorgeous stitched gifts a gal could get.

The one I'll show today is what I received from Yuko. Now whenever I get a parcel from Japan I know it will be such a beautiful thing to behold as Yuko is such a wonderful, wonderful stitcher and finisher. Inside my parcel which I very carefully opened was the most gorgeous tin, I truely adore it, the design Yuko informs me is by M Designs. - Isn't it just lovely, and I love the accessories that I found inside, there is a tape measure, a dainty wee fob and a pincushion, Yuko is so talented and I am proud to be her friend - Thankyou so much my dear Yuko I am very moved by your lovely gift.

Tomorrow I will show you something else I received, I didn't want to show them all in one posting as each is so very lovely and should have a post and a day of their very own - LOL!!

Thankyou Claudia too for my lovely virtual bouquet of flowers, I can smell them from here they look so beautiful.

Lost Mojo

Anyone seen my finishing Mojo anywhere? I appear to have lost it, if you find it can you send it back home to me please I have loads of finishes to be doing and without it I'm stuck and not at all inspired - OR could it be I've lost my inspiration - again if you find that can you send it home to me I would be ever so grateful.

So you can take it from that I haven't done my finishes Ooops LOL!

Got quite a shock on Monday I had over 500 visitors to my blog, so I traced where they had all arrived from and someone on a Russian stitching chat board had placed a link to my blog - so welcome to my new visitors, I managed to get the gist of some of the comments using a translator so I would just like to answer a few here as I couldn't on the board
1. No my house doesn't look like a museum its a home :-))
2. No I don't have a problem with dust and allergies, I regularly dust my guest room and my treasures get dusted using a cold setting on the hairdryer so I don't need to use the vacuum cleaner on them - wouldn't that damage them?.
3. No I don't think I should just look at them and put them away in a box or a glass case, they are in my mind, there to be appreciated by me and any guests.
4. Yes I love stitching and finishing and yes I'm quite a fast stitcher, as for finishing please see above LOL!!

Anyway I really do appreciate ALL my visitors whether they do or don't leave comments here or elsewhere, you all make my blogging worthwhile

Still busy

....stitching away, so still nothing new to show, but I thought I would show you where I have some of my stitching treasures, as I have been asked a couple of times to show where I put them.

I have them all put out around the home, but the majority live in our guest room, so if you ever come to stay this is what you'll see in there. The picture above shows my pinkeep wooden basket, its divided in 2 halves the front has my pinkeeps I have either made or received through gifts/exchanges and the back has all the needlebooks again that I have either made or been sent.
Also on the dressing table (which is a family heirloom, - Marks grandad made it for his grandma as a wedding present when they married - there is a matching wardrobe, in the middle sits all the redwork pieces I have.

Above the dressing table to the left is my pretty hooks I hang tassels and small hearts.

To the right on the dressing table is my beautiful thread box that mum made me for Christmas last year and a small basket with pincushions in. As you can see I make full use of all available space and have small ornies and my bags hanging from the mirrors.

To the right of the dressing table next to the wardrobe is my set of multi-drawers, which again is another painting project I have in my minds eye how I want to paint these, but again haven't had the time this year, they store all my fabrics.
On the top of the drawers is my fob/ornament tree and around its base I have tins and flatfolds.

As you can see I have almost run out of space in here, so my dad brought me some great shelving to put up, that is like boxes, dad kindly undercoated them but as yet I haven't found the time to paint them and get Mark to hang them up, which I will soon.

I love my guest room even though its north facing and isn't the lightest room in the house, I think its because this is my stash room too and I also have a lot of my framed pictures on the walls in here. I spend quite a bit of time in here.

Tomorrow is going to be finishing day, so next week I may have some pieces to show, but not everything as quite a few have been secrets.


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