Winter Heart


As always my final stitch or finish for the Year is for Mark, and this year is no exception. I have stitched and finished Winter Heart by La De Da on 35ct linen, using silk thread by Dinky Dyes, the thread colour is called Shiraz.

The backing fabric is a deep reddy plum colour (very similar to the thread), and I trimmed it with a shop bought ready made tassle that I had, which again is very similar to the thread colour. I was happy with the result and Mark loved it which is the main thing.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to wish Everyone a very Happy New Year, and again THANK YOU ALL for visiting my blog.

Slipped halo's LOL!!


My SIL Dawn stitched me this delightful and very amusing pillow for Christmas and as it says 'My halo slipped again' which I'm afraid is always so apt for me - is it for you too?? LOL!

Miss Mary Mack.....


.... is no longer all dressed in black LOL!!, for my version she has become a little bit of the 'scarlet' woman!!
I was inspired to stitch this a couple of years ago ( though its taken me til now to do it), when Vero had encouraged us all to stitch her after she had done her as a brooch, ever since then after seeing at that time the lovely variations of MMM, I have so wanted to stitch her, so I decided as I was wearing a black dress for Christmas Day and it would look so right wearing it with a long necklace I finally stitched her and I must say I am delighted with my finish.

She's stitched on 40ct 1/1 and I used GAST currant for her then she has been inserted into a little pintin I found after ratching through my stash.

I really hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas time so far, I know I have and I have some other bits and stitching to show you, but not today, my coffee maker broke yesterday and I am now frantic as I have had no coffee, so I am off to Whitehaven to Argos to buy myself a replacement, I want the same machine again, but this time if I can I want a 'red' one - hmmmm there must be something about red for me at the minute.

Yesterday I had a great stitchy afternoon, or should I say chatting afternoon, Bev and I had planned a get- together at my home, we chatted more than we stitched LOL!! so we are going to have another this coming week and we are stitching this time (well, maybe LOL), its good to be able to do this as we are both off work, Bev and Edna open Fobbles again on the 5th an I go back to work on the 5th Janiary.

I would just like to add a big thankyou for your lovely e cards and emails and cards I have received for Christmas I have really appreciated them


Just to say I hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and prosperous 2009.

Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments throughout the year, I really, really appreciate them and you for visiting me here in blogging land.


Christmas gift


Here is part of my Christmas gift to my SIL Dawn, I usually stitch her something for Christmas but this year my time seems to have been a bit limited, so I just did her one, its very similar to the one I stitched for Nancy, the same finishing and fabric and it also by Brightneedle and again I changed the colours to a much warmer richer shades, I feel quite confident that 1. She's gonna like it and 2. She won't see it before Christmas as her computer time is extremely limited at the moment.

Hope everyone is almost ready for Christmas, I still have to go the Post Office but its the number one thing to do tomorrow otherwise my brother and his fanily will be getting gifts late and that just wouldn't do now would it.

Last SBEBB Exchange


Here is my Christmas ornie that I stitched for Linda for the SBEBB Christmas ornament exchange. This was my final exchange from the board as Becky has decided the time is right for her to close it. Thanks to dear Becky for the wonderful time I have spent on the board and the lovely 'friends' I have made I have really enjoyed doing the exchanging over the past few years, hopefully whenever Becky may decide to start another I will be fortunate enough to be invited to join.
So.... next year I will be exchanging far less, though I have a couple of private exchanges to do which I am really looking forward too.

Going back to the ornament in question - Its Blackbird Designs - House on Holly hill, stitched on unknown linen count (I think 28ct, this is an opalescent linen, though its hard to tell from the picture and is quite sparkley. I have trimmed it using pom pom braid and chequered buttons.

Well its raining here, so I am going to cosy up this afternoon and stitch, I have started on Marks end of year gift and its looking good.
I went out this morning before the rain and walked around the village delivering Christmas cards - I am so late with that this year and I still have a few to post, hopefully Mark will be able to take me to the Post Office tomorrow if he isn't at work again.

Have a good weekend everyone


Winter exchange


Yay, my parcels are starting to arrive, this ornie is what I stitched and finished for Barbara for our winter seasonal exchange, I asked Barb in Sept/Oct if she wanted a winter exchange or a Christmas one, she said that she really didn't mind which I chose, so I was really pleased as I love doing Christmas ornies and as I had earmarked this out to stitch for her as I thought it was to her taste.

The design is by Carriage House Samplings and I have stitched it on 2 different coloured 40ct fabrics using DMC, the back fabric tones with the trailing vine around the ornies and is a MODA fabric. I used a little bit of lace and MoP tiny buttons for decoration and honestly they really are tiny, along side some Sajou dafety pins (I didn't have any rusty ones) and a leather hanging strap. Its supposed to look all lopesided and not straight corners and edges, as its a bit prim, it was hard to do for me as I like my corners even, but I overcame the urge to make them straight and pointy.

Thanks for the emails asking about how I'm feeling, my voice has returned now though some days its a bit of a croak, but the cold is still hanging in there along with the wheeze and the cough. Good news though I finished work today until 5th January - Yippppeee!! Loads of stitching to be done including my last stitchery of the year which is always for Mark, which I have been planning.

Fobbles Christmas Ornament exchange

Fobbles, yesterday held their Christmas party, the morning was spent stitching, knitting, beading or quilting - whatever your project was, we three, Mum, Helen and myself stitched away and perused the shop. After lunch was the great number draw, when we arrived and handed our ornaments over they were allocated a number, then when the draw started a basket of numbers was provided and we each very fairly pulled out a number and that was the ornament that you were given.
My ornament I received is the one below -


Nice isn't it!! I was quite happy with my exchange. There was a real variety of different crafts used, from applique, patchwork to stitching, stumpwork and beading, I know that Bev will be posting up some photos of the tree and our day in the near future, probably tomorrow or Tuesday I think on their webpage.


This one above is the one I stitched for the exchange, the design is by Casy Buonaugurio. I stitched it on 32ct using DMC, and trimmed it simply with cord and a jingle bell. The holly berries within the design are mill hill frosted red beads.
I'm looking forward to next years as the three of us really enjoyed ourselves.


A stocking for Nancy


OK, so its not a huge stocking but here is what I stitched for Nancy its a Brightneedle stocking, which I stitched on 1/2 on 32ct fabric and changed all the colours of the threads so that they were warmer and not as pastel as I wanted a change to the original. I also added a crochet trim with ribbon running through as an alternative which I thought looked different and quite pretty. Nancy assures me that she loves it, which I am glad, as isn't it funny we always worry what the recipient will feel about our choices for them - I think we are all the same aren't we.

Mum, Dad and Helen have just rung to say they are more than halfway here this morning in readiness to get to the Christmas party, I had better get my camera and stitchy things ready before they arrive - Whatever your plans are for today I hope you have a good one!


Perfectly Peaceful


Isn't this just such a peaceful ornament, This is the ornament I received from Nancy in the parcel yesterday. I love it, the picture above is of the front of the ornament, the design is of course LHN, and its funny cos I was going to stitch this one for myself at a later date, now I don't have too!!


This picture is of the back of the ornament which is a continuation of the design - so perfectly put together. - Thankyou Nancy I really love it and I'm still speechless!!
My pictures just don't seem to 'do' justice to this pretty ornament

Also included in the box amongst fabric and glitter, tea and needle minder was a miniature cup and saucer all sprigged with holly and berries, you might just be able to make it out to the right of the first picture - How on earth Nancy did you know I collect miniature cups and saucers? Everything was just so wonderful and I feel that all the ornaments that I have received this Christmas have all be perfect for me and I have loved them all.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, Enjoy yourselves whatever you might be doing. I have my ornament all ready for the Fobbles ornament exchange tomorrow and I am quite excited about it all, will be back over the weekend with some pics of it all.


Sail Away SAL


Fobbles have organised a SAL for Shepherds Bush Sail Away, here is my Part One all finished, now to start on Part Two.

Its freezing here and I am hoping that it won't snow (for a change I don't want it too), cos this weekend is Fobbles Christmas party and Mum and Helen are coming over on Saturday morning for it - weather permitting, though we again have a weather warning for snow - but they got it wrong last time so maybe they will again.

I went to work today and felt rough I now have a 'squeak' for a voice and a bad chest, but we are so busy and my colleague has let every one down and has hit the drink and has been off all week too, which I didn't know about til I rang in and spoke to my boss yesterday, so I felt bad for my boss as we have so much on at the moment, but tomorrow is a short day I hope) and can get home really early especially as I didn't get home til late tonight (11 hour day)

...BUT.... When I got home there is a box delivered and its from Nancy, we are doing a Christmas ornie exchange and we agreed to open together so watch this space tomorrow as I know it will be wonderful and so I'll be posting pictures then. I can't wait to open it, I only hope she likes what I have stitched for her.


From Gaby


The SBEBB Christmas exchange has arrived and I feel very lucky to have received such a wonderful exchange from Gaby Isn't this pillow just the nicest thing, Its so wonderfully stitched and finished - I love it. Gaby informed me that design is by a Elisa who specialises in monochromatic style designs, its just the perfect choice. - Thankyou so much again Gaby.
Gaby also included some lovely extras, fabric, hand-dyed thread and a Kathe Wohlfarth wooden ornament, which is the same make as my beloved 'Santa smoker'- picture of that later this week.


From Barbara


I had a good mail day today and found an envelope from Barbara waiting for me on the door mat, Barbara is my partner in the Seasonal exchange that Becky runs - though I do believe that this is the last round as the exchange board is closing, so it was a great joy that I found this wonderful ornament that Barb had stitched for me the design is by Sisters and Best Friends and its so cute - Thankyou again Barb my parcel will be on its way as soon as I can get to the P.O.

You might wonder about the tree in the post below - well its my tree for this year, I changed my colour scheme from my normal pinks and golds, to reds and creamy white and green, I'll be posting more pics over the next week or so of my decs in the house and close ups of the tree.

.... and yes I'm off work again today - and yes its another heavy cold, my 3rd in 7 weeks .... can't breathe and can't smell ( mind you, I don't think that I smell (much) LOL!!), can't taste, watery eyes, sneezing, sore throat, blocked sinuses ........ have I whinged enough yet??!!??? ..... YEP You got it I'm feeling really sorry for myself!!


A little bit of fun!!

A friend sent me this today, its so funny , A great way I think for those edges - shame I have no false teeth ROFL

PIF from Dovile


I signed up on Doviles blog for a PIF a couple of months ago, and to my wonderment, this came to my door the other day, its really really pretty, and beautifully lined and full of laces and ribbons, beads and thread, I feel very fortunate to own some of Doviles stitching as I am quite in awe of her lovely stitching and finishing. Thankyou again Dovile.


***Edited to add a Picture of the inside after Carol requested me too LOL***

Talking of PIF's I have started stitching mine, though very slowly, and I won't be sending out until after the New Year, but I've started LOL!!

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet?? Have you started shopping for Christmas??, My tree is up and decorated 2/3 's of my cards are written, half the presents are bought, but nothing is wrapped yet, but hopefully they will be done by the end of tommorrow, I'll post some pics through the week, of my decorations and tree.

We didn't get the snow that was forecast :-(( all we got was sleet and lots of rain! I keep doing a snow dance in the back garden, but its not working.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Stitch & stash exchange


Karen (no blog) has let me know that my ornament to her has arrived safe and sound, which I am really glad about. I chose to stitch for her Scandinavian Stitches ornament from this years JCS Ornament magazine, I used DMC and its on 32ct linen, the finishing is a little hanging pillow.

We have a weather warning out for tonight we are supposed to be getting lots and lots of snow!!! - bet we don't the weather men always gets it wrong LOL!! Tomorrow night I am off partying - its the first of the works Christmas 'do's'


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