Happy New Year

A day early I know, but I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my readers and commenters a Very Happy New Year.

Phew and what a year this has been for me and I hope that next year is MUCH MUCH better, I can't remember when I had such an awful year, but never mind, this year is almost over and a New and exciting one is about to begin.

Thankyou to my loyal readers for your support to me throughout this year, sometimes I don't know what I would have done without some of you and thankyou too for all the lovely comments that you have made about my stitching and finishing ..... You really don't know what they have meant to me. Without your encouragment and support I might have just stopped my stitching, especially over the last couple of months, my interest wained a little, but I think I am back with new plans and finishes in mind.

I always think that LIFE has a funny way of showing you the way forward and that its really one BIG adventure, I look forward to sharing lots of stitching, gardening and decorating projects with you in the coming months as I have a few things planned for my home and garden, some of which I have just about completed and will have to share with you.

So thankyou again for the time you spend with me here in blogland, I for one can't wait to see your lovely projects during next year.

Ooo and please come join the party - (post below) and add the link to your 2009 review it doesn't have to be in pictures, but it would be lovely to see or read what you have done and Mr Linky is free and easy to use to add you here - Thanks to Jane for being the first to join in and getting the party rolling.

Annual Stitchy Review 2009

Well as promised its 'Party Time' to join my party all you have to do is to be sure to add your permalink below, and not your general blog address. If you aren't sure how to obtain your permalink or have any questions about using Mr. Linky for this post. You will find Mr Linky at the end of this post.
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Looking forward to all your great Stitchy Annual review posts!

Remember it doesn't have to be a mosaic, it can be just a picture or a few to show your Stitchy review it can also just be text.
The more the merrier I say for all that join the party!!

So without further ado here is a sampling of my favourites I have done for this year!!

This is a sampling of my favourite Shepherds Bush finishes that I have done during 2009.

This is a small sample of some of my favourite 'picture' finishes I have completed during 2009..... and finally

Here is some of my very favourite 'Smalls' finishes that I have completed during 2009

I have so enjoyed showing you a few of my very favourites that I managed to complete this year and I can't wait to see yours, Mr Linky is below waiting for you to get started.

Hope that you are already planning your stitching for next year I know I am, I've been to Fobbles today and have treated myself to a few Shepherds Bush kits - Finch Song and Holly and Ivy being 2 of them, Finch Song I think will be my New Year start. Whats yours going to be??

Year in Review

I've stolen this idea from a couple of blogs (not stitchy ones) and thought it was a wonderful idea - I'm going to host a stitching year in review party It will be this Thursday and I hope at least some of you can join in! It's a chance to look through old photos that you posted on your blog over 2009 and share your favorites in one post. You can either do a photo mosaic or just post individual photos. I'll put MckLinky up Thursday morning (with instructions on how to use it) if you would like to join in! - I hope that you will, I'll be posting mine up then too.

Glad Tidings - Shepherds Bush Part 2

I mentioned in my earlier post that I had also completed 'Glad Tidings' the Picture as well as the little fob, and so without further ado - Here it is.......

......again this was a wonderful small sampler to do, I really enjoyed every stitch and the rich warm colours of the silk thread was a joy to use. This was of course a kit and I haven't changed anything about it - Yep you heard me right I haven't changed a thing, I loved the fabric and the design and the colours -- OO I could go on and on LOL!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, I did, I was expecting it to be quiet for me as this was my first Christmas on my own, but it turned out not to be so. The 2 eldest nephews turned up on my doorstep this was after I had had lots of phone calls from my mum, dad, sister and smallest nephew and neice. (Mum and I opened presents over the phone together, which was great fun and quite a giggle).

They stopped by me before they went to their grandmothers (Marks mum), I was so delighted to see them, then after their Christmas dinner they turned up again and we spent the whole evening together, it was a wonderful surprise and I really enjoyed their company.

Merry Christmas

Glad Tidings - Shepherds Bush

Todays little ornament is Glad Tidings fob, by Shepherds Bush. this was a little kit and I used everything that was included and finished it how it was suggested. Isn't the little sheep a cutey. I have also stitched Glad Tidings large design which is a gorgeous one to do, I really recommend it if you are a Shepherds Bush fan, but I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but I will soon.

I loved this little treasure when I was stitching it, the colours are so pretty.

Thankyou all for your very very nice comments about my Christmas decoration pictures, I didn't do an awful lot this year, but sometimes less is more as they say, I still have a couple more to show if you aren't getting tired of them by now.

Heres hoping that you don't all have to hectic a Christmas Eve, and if you have that last minute rush, that it goes smoothly. I received a box from Mum and Dad yesterday with some parcels inside, they are sitting there tempting me, but I will resist until tomorrow LOL!!


Reflections of Christmas

Fear Not - Shepherds Bush

I loved this little Christmas Design by Shepherds Bush as soon as I saw it, just look at that little button and so I decided once I had finished stitching it that it was perfect for a little ornament.

Hope that you like it too!!

The snow is still lying around here in the Lake District, and its very cold, I'm glad to say I have now finished work until the 4th Jan, and have lots of plans of things I want to do over this festive time. Mostly, I want to get some of my framing done of all the pieces I stitched earlier this year, and I want to do some work on my patchwork quilts - Bev from Fobbles and I are going to have a day just quilt stitching together some time next week which will be fun.

On Christmas Eve I am going up to my friends Karen and Graham for a chilli and a few drinks - weather permitting of course, though they say we are going to have rain by Thursday, so it should be OK to walk UP the 'big' hill up to their home.

The rest of the time I will be spending it quietly and most likely getting phone calls from my family.

Well for all I don't have to be up for work Tasha hasn't seemed to realise that - so hence the early posting as she woke me up telling me it was past her breakfast time and that she wanted to go out to see what the weather was doing - Stupid Cat - I've made myself a nice cup of tea and I think I will go back to bed for an hour LOL!!

Hope that you have a great day and aren't running around too much.

Glass reflections

My new cut glass bowl from Laura Ashley filled with some pretty glass ornaments and pearl strings

Exchange from mum

Mum and I like to do an exchange if we can at Christmas and here is what mum made for me - isn't it lovely, its the perfect colours and as always mums stitching and finishing is fantastic - Thankyou mum again - I love it..
I have no photo of what I made for her as I forgot to take one before I mailed it - oops.

Do you want to see a little more?

More Christmas exchanging

Here is the Christmas ornament I sent to Amy, its from the 2009 JCS Ornament magazine and I have stitched it on 32ct fabric using my own thread choices and finished it as a wee hanging pillow. Oh and its by Shepherds Bush.

....and here is the lovely ornament I received from Cathy, isn't it lovely and I also got lots of super goodies too and felt very spoiled, I was going to leave opening this exchange until Christmas but in the end I couldn't resist.

I would just like to say a BIG thankyou to you all for continuing to visit me, I really appreciate it as I have been so tardy with visiting and posting, I really will make a concerted effort in the new year to go back to normal.

A glimpse of tree

I actually haven't done much in the way of decorating for Christmas, but here is a glimpse of my tree......... more will follow.

Twinkling lights and glass baubles............

Surround my mantle mirror - it gives me a very atmospheric effect when I'm sitting with the cat on an evening.... much more to share later...

Do you have your decorations up for Christmas or are you late like me LOL!!?

Sent and received

This wonderful book is what I received from Vaida as we were part of the Swap exchange which Dear Nina has organised. I was truely awestruck when I received this beautifyl book as I have yearned for one for the longest time and Vaida is one of the most talented stitchers and finishers out in blogland - Thankyou so much for this wonderful treasure, its by one of my favourite designers of course which is Blackbird Designs and is stitchd on 32ct platinum linen.......... and also I received the scrummiest handmade biscuits from her daughter, they are perfect to have with my coffee, and I have almost ate them all now.

This is what I stitched and sent to Nina for the same 'swap' (we sent to different people, not to who was sending to us)its by Miss Cresents Crowne and is in the new JCS ornament magazine, I loved this as soon as I saw it and thought it would be perfect for her, I used my own choice of threads and finished it as a flat ornament, I added extras such as the beads on the garland (which don't show up to well) to give it a little sparkle. I have stitched it on 32ct white linen.

Christmas Magic

Maybe you might like to see a little of what I have been up to lately.......... More to follow

Little changes

always lead to bigger ones, I find and I have been making a start on changing things in my home.

My first project (which has taken me a week to do - but thats cos there were two of them), were my kitchen chairs.

This is what they looked like before:

Mind, I had started to sand them before I remembered to take a picture, so this shows one of them that I had only just light sanding too. Isn't it an ugly, unloved piece of furniture!!

This is what they look like after:

Not bad eh!!

I'm really pleased with the finished result especially as its all my own work.

I sanded them, primed them, painted them red in places,candle waxed them  painted them cream - 3 times, then wire wooled them to bring out the red paint slightly and give that distressed look to them.
What do you think, think they look the part!!

The cushions on the seat are from Laura Ashley and are red and cream checked gingham, I loved them as soon as I saw them, and bought them in readiness for this project.

I'm Safe

Thankyou to all who have contacted me to ask if I'm safe and dry, this is just a quick post to let you all know that I am and so is my stash and Tasha LOL!! Its been very bad here, though not as much in my village as some of the other villages around Cumbria, the local rivers are in flood and local roads are very bad to get past on, some are closed.

Its been sad that a local policman was washed away when a bridge collapsed at Workington.

The little tributary stream that runs along the side of the footpath near my house is running incredibly high and with a lot of force I've never seen it like that before. The rain has stopped throughout today, but we are forecast more rain and 60mph winds again this evening and all weekend, they reckon we will get at least 10" of rain from tonight til Monday - I really hope not!! To keep with the water theme, I've made myself fish pie for tea tonight.


............Can you see me?
Aren't I just beautiful, I really think Autumn colors really go with my hair fur!!

My mum thought I was being cute but really I was just waiting for the mouse that lives behind the hydrangea , but lucky for the mouse, he didn't want to play and I had to go in cold and disappointed.

Is it too early for Christmas?

I know, I know I have neglected my blog terribly of late, and halloween has now just finished - I've put the broomstick away and my little old familiar cat is now curled up asleep after her jaunt around on the said broomstick, so I was wondering whether it was too early yet for Christmas, but I thought 'what the heck' I'll start showing some of my Christmas finishes.

Tonights little effort is my tin I made at the workshop class I taught in the summer, its the class I taught the girls how to make a tin finish. So I had to stitch one myself and do a step by step with the finish.

The design is by Crossed Wing Collection, and is from the 1998 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine. I really loved stitching this one, the little mouse is 1/1 as is the writing, the rest is 1/2 on 32ct evenweave. I used some sparkly thread in amongst the little bauble to give it a little more punch.

Life is pretty good at the moment, I have had a couple of weekends over at my parents and been out with my brother which has been fun, I've been working hard as always it seems, but I have also been stitching and framing things. Last Saturday I did another patchwork course at Fobbles, and the second part of it will be early next year, this time I was well stretched out of my comfort zone for this course, but I did enjoy it and I will take some pictures of my progress. My other progress on my other quilt has stopped, my heart is still not in it, but I will get it finished I am very sure of that, but it might not be any time real soon.

My poor dad had a fall last week and has managed to get himself quite a few stitches in his head, he was walking one of the dogs when he tripped on the pavement and went a clatter, he had an overnight stay at hospital nd has hurt his knee a little and his hand, and do you know (my time to vent), not one person went over to him to ask if he was ok when he fell, he was very shook up and was bleeding profusely from his head injury (he takes wharfarin whcih makes you bleed more too), Bailey (the dog), led dad home as he was in a daze a bit, which is so good that the dog did that, but I hasten to add, Dad is doing OK he's a little stiff and sore and has had a bad head for a few days, bt otherwise he is fine.

Hope you all have a good week, and thankyou for your continued visits and your patience in waiting for me to update my blog, I really appreciate your comments and visits very much.

For Yuko

I was as always very very late sending dear Yuko her birthday gift, then I fretted that I had sent it to the wrong address, but now I know its arrived safey and that she is really happy with her gift.
I have stitched her a wee floss/scissor fob and pin cushion, both designs are by one of my very favourite designers EEF (Ewe and I and Friends. The fob is called 'Lovely'Lady ' fob, and I changed the colourways to suit for Yuko as I know how much she loves pink.The ring is one of the lovely large MoP rings from Kelmscott Designs and suited the fob perfectly I thought.
This wee pincushion is called 'Viney heart' and again I changed the colours and matched them with my colour choices for the fob.
The box I covered with the faded 'vintage' style rose fabric I had in my stash, and used the same fabric for the backing on the fob and the pincushion. Then I used a complemeting fabrics for the yoyos on the the box top. I used faded pink ric-rac and satin ribbon for the other trims on the box.

I have had a wonderful gift myself through the post from Melissa who was my partner for Stitching Bloggers Birthdays, I haven't taken a picture yet of it, as my camera was out of charge I had left it turned on in my handbag and so it now needs charging, I will take a picture tomorrow to show you all.
I had a lovely birthday with my family, it was very quiet but I had a wonderful family party, with balloons and banners and a big chocolate cake and trifle, we all had great fun and my young nephew and neice thought it was wonderful, and they had kept it all a secret from me.
Saturday my brother came up to see me especially and took the family out for dinner and then afterwards he and I went out to the pub for a few drinks and had a good laugh, which was just what I needed as I have been beginning to feel that I had lost my sense of fun somewhere along the way, but I think its back again now!!! LOL!!

I blame Avril ......

....yes its all her fault, instead of stitching, what am I doing - knitting, Av by the way is my friend and an avid knitter and crocheter and has her very own wool shop!!
The wool is called Opal and the colour is called wintermarchern, I love the varigated effect its knitting up to, in fact I have almost finished the scarf, its just a 1 ball scarf (100g ball).

Do you see my gorgeous knitting needles they are KnitPro Bamboo needles and they are just the right length and have the right feel to them when I'm knitting, they are very psychadelic!!

For Edgar


Edgar had a birthday and as always I am late in getting anyone anything to their actual birthdate. Edgar was my partner for the Stitching Bloggers birthdays, and I knew when it got closer to the date what I wanted to stitch for him

This is of course Blackbird designs and is taken from the lovely little book that they brought out earlier this year in conjunction with dear Niki, I stitched the little bag using my own choice of colours and then very carefully coffee splashed it to age it slightly, its stitched on 40ct linen, and then I made the strawberry - this is actually from the BD Loose Feathers chart 'Its Berry Time' and I used one of the colours (I forget the DMC number) that was in the bag to make it, and then the little pin cushion is also from the same book and is stitched on 32ct linen. The backing is a Moda fabric.

I added a wee black safety pin and 2 of my MoP buttons that I got from 'Duttons for Buttons' (Ooo how I love that shops name LOL!!)

Edgar likes it so I am happy about that, now to wait for the my next very late birthday gift to arrive at its destination, it had even further to go, so it may take a little longer.

I have been busy stitching a couple of Halloween ornies - yet to be finished finished and I have also made a good dent in my Christmas Ornamant stitching, but as yet now 'finishing' done. I have been really busy working most weekends, and next week I am having a long one away, at my parents as its my birthday then and I am going home for it - the first time in a very long time and I am looking forward to the break and seeing everyone.

I have also finished 'Autumn Bouquet' by Blackbird Designs and its going over with me as is a few of the other picture finishes I have shown over the last few months and I am getting them framed or at least I am hoping to find frames for them.

Hope you are all having a good week and an enjoyable weekend to come, I am at Fobbles on Saturday and then working on Sunday (just 1 day this weekend for a change). I hope too that the weather stays fine its been a glorious day today, but last weekend was horrendous with high winds and heavy heavy rain down pours, I thought it was never going to stop.


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