Oh Wow

Thankyou everyone for yor lovely comments and the wonderful welcome back, I sure have missed you guys... I will reply to my emails this weekend. Thankyou too for the lovely compliments, I really appreciated them, Helen is the pretty one of us girls as she is such a petite little thing and very dark haired and slim, I'm the clod hopper LOL!! and the fair haired one (take after my mums side of the family)

Harry had his first night with me and seemed to settle OK, I was a little worried as he hasn't really eaten - he has had a little drink, so I contacted the girl I got him from - as I had worried mum syndrome - she said put him in his cage through the day with door open and give him a little chicken twice a day plus make suer his puppy dried food was there all the time, - he woofed (apologise for the pun) the chicken back, had  another drink and sniffed the biscuits - he had a cuddle from me til he dropped off to sleep and at the moment he is back on his bed in the cage, he slept all evening perchde on my shoulder its was so cute. He slept all night too in his bed in the cage beside me and was fine as well.

Tash knows he is here but is ignoring the whole business, just keeps smacking her lips (she does this when she is preturbed, but she is OK and I have made a big big fuss of her.

Will be showing some pics this next week of my other finish if I can manage to get it framed and also of course of Harry.

Til later



So Sorry.........

.... to have worried quite a few of you, thankyou so much for the concerned emails and phone calls and comments on here, but I am OK - honestly!

I just seemed to lose interest in a lot of things in my life, I needed some time to myself and find what I think is me again (that is still an ongoing process LOL!). There has been such a lot of changes for me over the last 18 months what with  family changes and health issues, work status worries (still hanging in there at work by the fingernails) etc etc and I just think its all caught up with me in the end, without me realising it quick enough!

I don't have a lot of stitching to share with you as I don't seem to have done very much at all, stitching wise really, its been something I have been battling with in my mind for a while and so chose to take a break from that too.

But I want to share with you what I made for my lil' sis Helen for her birthday. Its stitched on natural linen using cream silk thread and framed in a Laura Ashley pearl frame - the silhouette reminded me very much of Helen and thought it was perfect for her.

I did pass my driving test on the 2nd attempt which was early August and I just LOVE driving. I drove over to mum and dads the 2nd weekend after I passed I was so proud of mysekf driving on my own to the opposite side of the country and made it in one piece. Mum and Dad was really proud of me too. Mum took my picture in her garden and as many of you haven't got a clue what I look like I thought I would share that with you too, if scarey sights upset you I suggest you scroll down a bit further and bypass that picture (I really hate my picture taken and I look like I am about to run off LOL!) Those that have met me will be able to see that I have grown my hair somewhat, gone very blonde and have lost 5 stone in weight (- hopefully Angela you will recognise me the next time we meet up)

Next up what to share -  Fobbles exhibition, that was a lovely weekend and I made a small collage of some of the exhibits so I could share them with you - sorry its not the normal fobbles exhibition posting that I would normally do, but I thought a little something was better than nothing at all. I really recommend that if you could ever attend one of them that you should go, its lovely to see all the work shown and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year.

What else - weeeeeelllll I think its one of the most important things that is happening in my life at the moment and certainly the most exciting - I would like to introduce you to Harry!! Harry is coming to live with me as from Friday 29th October when he will be 8 weeks old, he stands about 4" tall and is about 6" long at the moment - of course he will grow but he will always be very very small, especially as he is the runt of the litter and both his parents were runts too - Can any of you guess what he is?

There will of course be more updates about Harry and his progress and I do have some other bits and pieces to share with you - Meeting the truely wonderful Jeannette Douglas and doing her workshop, the lovely Lynette Anderson meeting, Harry, Knitting and even more knitting and a tiny bit more stitching, I think I have probably bored you all silly by now - that is if anyone is still visiting me?

Love and Hugs



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