A Trio of pretties


Whilst I've been ill, my dear friend Barbie sent me a wonderful surprise through the post, Barbie had started stitching this for me last year as a surprise but had an injury to her back and had to have an operation so never got them finished, well now that she is up and about again, she finished them and sent them to me, it was a total surprise and real pick me up that I needed.


Barbie told me that the design is called "Georgia's Hearts" by Anne Winslow with Butterfly Ranch Designs and that she changed the colours to what she thought was perfect for me - I love this wonderful surprise and not only did I get this, I found the wee scissors inside the tin and I also got some altoid tins too which is really brilliant.

We are both feeling much much better now and I went back to work last week, but was straight back to bed by 8pm as I was so tired, but this week I am feeling much like my normal self.

I'm off today as we had to take delivery of a new washing machine, my old one just didn't want to work for me anymore! So, I thought I would get a bit of cleaning done in the house and post on my blog, I'm now sick of cleaning the house and have started to look for distractions LOL!!

I owe Bithday wishes and belated cards and gifts to friends I will get them out some time I promise, I have finished my mums pressie but not the finishing, what I was going to do with it is no good it won't fit !!!! I am 3/4 way through my sheep exchange and have decided finally what I want to do for the tea exchange. I haven't really picked a needle up much I have not had any energy for it, but now I'm feeling better hopefully this week I will get lots done.

From Me to Carol


Carol , received her Valentine exchange from me and has let me know that she liked it very much. I wanted to stitch something for her that would have a take on the morbid verses that Carol has a fondness for, and I felt I accomplished that with this wee sweetie by EEF which I have finished as a small door knocker hanger. I have stitched it on hand-dyed fabric the colour is called Attic Treasures and its by Silkweaver, I love the aged look of this fabric and as I wanted the finish to look a bit old and worn it was the best choice. The thread colours are a mixture of DMC and GAST. I think I would like to do another like this.

Well I never picked my needles up yesterday, but I will today, I feel much better this morning, very breathless still, and slightly dizzy (whats new eh!), but I must admit I feel tons better than I did, I'm not rushing round doing much though and will sleep the afternoon away if my body tells me too - so don't worry mum, I'm not going to go into full spring clean mode - just yet!

Thankyou everyone for your good wishes - if I disappear for a couple of days its just I'm still not 100%, and will re-appear when I feel perkier

Valentins Exchange

WOW - I was speechless when this arrived through my letterbox from Cathy, not only did I receive my first ever piece of hardanger from Cathy she sent me 2 pieces and they are so delicate and pretty, I also received my first ever pair of gingher scissors too, it was a wonderful exchange parcel to receive and I am so delighted with it, Cathy's hardanger is a real treat I am in awe of hardanger creators and Cathy yours is beautiful and I love the colours that you picked for me. - thankyou so much.

Now I promised you a picture too of the wonderful gift I received from Paula, and I really apologise for being late in showing you any pictures, but this is what I wanted to show you. I felt so amazingly spoiled by Paula when this wonderful package arrived and I love every single one of them and will use them all. I just so love Paulas MoP designs and needle holders they are so lovely. When I first started blogging, Paula, Romy and myself did an ornament SAL together for a few months, and we are hoping that maybe again the 3 of us will pick back up again where we left off.

Thankyou to you all for good wishes about my health - no its not too great lately at all, but this time both Mark and I have gone under together and we have gastric flu, there's been talk of samples and tests and hospitals which is a sure way to get us both back on our feet ASAP lol!!, THough joking aside its been pretty rough few days and I am feeling slighlty better than I was, hence I'm actually up and sitting at the computer typing, and maybe just maybe I might get a few stitches done later today - I have not picked up my stitching now in over a week, I stitching something for mum for her birthday last Friday and so still haven't got it finished, I will endeavour to get it done and then I can start on my tea exchange piece and Katrinas PIF, which I am now so embarrasingly late with. I'm feeling a little weary now and my head is thumping so I'll go off and go have a lie down. Til tomorrow perhaps

My 10 nominees

Its very hard for me to choose 10 blogs as there are so many that I visit, even if I don't comment very much, and so I have found picking 10 is near impossible, so although I have 10 here this list could go on and on. I haven't placed the names in any particular order:

Yuko because your stitching and finishing are so amazing and I love the pictures that you have taken and I love your friendship.

Nicole as you always stitch such beautiful things and I love reading your blog and hearing about your life.

Ruth Rachael Always inspirational a blog that is always a joy to visit.

Susan Always interesting and again wonderful stitching and finishing.

Mary Kathryn I always look forward to visiting and to see your rocky mountain Wednesday pictures and your lovely works. Your blog is always so happy.

Deborah What a wonderful blog yo have its inspirational, intersting your writings are always a joy to read and often provoke me to think about things in a different manner.

Von A person who packs such a lot into her life, writes a wonderful blog and stitches and creates very beautiful things.

Vivi I just love your blog and all your finishes and your wonderful writings.

Nataliejo Pure inspration and a stunning blog - I feel so very lucky to have seen some of your wonderful stitching and creations in real life and to have met you.

Vonna for being Vonna, I wish we lived nearer to each other as I feel we could be such good friends

Now I could add so many more - Annemarie for her lovely work, her friendship and entertaining writings, Harmien cos she always makes me smile, Carol for her lovely finishes and her generosity to others, Barbara for her friendship and the fact that whatever life seems to throw at her she comes back bouncing, Becky for just being Becky and my friend, Cathy B for her wonderful stitching and hardanger finishes, and her interesting blog, Claudia Inspirational, beautiful and generous I'm so happy that we have become friends. Oh I could just continue on and on, so please I haven't missed anyone off deliberatly its just it would end up with me making this posting several pages long.
So this award goes out to everyone that shows us all their wonderful creations and wonderful writings.

Winter exchange

I heard today from Nicki that she has received the winter exchange I sent to her and I am so happy to hear that she loved it.


The design is by CCN and is Winter welcome, I stitched it on 40ct R&R 1/2, its trimmed with aqua and clear glass beads.

I also received an award today from Nicki - thankyou so much I was really chuffed when I saw it it was really nice of you and really perked up my day.

The Rules:
Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.

Now, I will do my list of 10 tomorrow, but today I feel pretty lousy as I seem to have caught a virus and felt quite poorly for the past couple of days - so much so I haven't picked up a needle and stitched at all. I've been going to bed as soon as I get in from work and just sleeping and coughing, I haven't got the sniffles, just really painful joints and this horrid tickly cough and I ache everywhere including my head. So I haven't been around the computer much either.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and thankyou for all the lovely comments I have been receiving its so kind of you all.
Until tomorrow


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