My wish was granted


Becky has done it again and sent me the perfect ornament for the wish she granted for me on MaW board, its Brightneedle stocking stitched on 32ct over 2 and its sooo pretty, Thankyou so much Becky for stitching and sending me this its one of my very favourites and one I haven't done for myself yet so Helens advice was perfect as is the pretty finishing and your stitching.

Other news for you - well I have been naughty, oh so incredibly naughty and treated myself to the new miniature sewing set from Sajou its a limited edition tiny weeny sewing set with tiniest but very very usable pair of 'monster' scissors inside, I will take a pic I promise. We were away at the weekend and again I was so very bad and bought myself some lovely fabrics I visited the 'fat quarter' shop over in the North East at Blackhall Mill and wow what a wonderful amounts of fabrics and tilda things there was, good job I was not feeling well otherwise who knows what might of happened, but I have bought 2 more Tilda books and some lovely fabric and some tilda angel hair, again I will take some pics and show.

Yep again we set off to go away for a break and again I manage to feel unwell, this time though nothing serious just a very heavy cold which seems to have affected my ears and has knocked my balance off a bit, I came home from work yesterday and lost the will to do anything, so have stayed off today but will go back in tomorrow.

Proud Moment

Couldn't believe it, I got placed 3rd (out of 30 members) on Saturday at the Annual Onion Show. Its the highest placing I have ever achieved in 10 years of being of the Onion club. Happy Dancing!!

p.s. Mark got 7th Place - I beat him AGAIN!!! ROFL! ..... and he's the expert!

My 4 PIF members

Thankyou so much for all who wanted to join my PIF, I wish I could do something for you all, I've drawn the names and the 4 people who will receive a PIF from me in the next 365 days are:


My email is in my blog profile so please if you wouldn't mind contacting me with your details (as I'm unsure how to get hold of you to tell you that your name is drawn) so I have them ready when I've completed your PIF's. I'll need your name and snail mail details.
Don't forget to post on your blog the PIF details you can stitch for as many as you like but a minimum of 2.

On another note I had to take the day off today cos we were getting a new fridge freezer which has arrived all safe and sound and looks wondeful and is so quiet, we went shopping as soon as Mark came home from work so we could fill it LOL!!

This weekend is the Onion show, Saturday is the big day - lets hope I beat Mark (again!!)

Do you want to join my PIF?

I joined up for a PIF on both Staci and Doviles' blog but hadn't posted on mine as yet so here goes

The rules are as follows: * If you would like to receive crafting gift made by me within 365 days please leave comment on this post to say that you are interested, the first 4 people I draw the names for on Wednesday 17th September (Presuming I get more than 4 people that is) will be my PIF members* In return you post the same offer on your own blog. And the chain goes on... :)
I hope there will be someone who will sign up for my PIF member! :)



Barbara is my partner for the next year for the Seasonal Exchange and as you know I received a few weeks back the most wonderful parcel from her which was stuffed full of Barbaras wonderful finishes and the biggest wicker wreath to place them on, so I deliberated and deliberated on what to stitch for her, and finally decided on what you see above.


The pin keep is a Mary Garry Seasonal design and I knew that Barbara liked MG very much so I stitched it using a hand-dyed vintage looking linen. Its trimmed with black satin ribbon and orange and black pins.


The wee fob - which I have to add I am going to stitch for myself as he's too cute, is stitched using DMC Glo-in-the-Dark thread and it really works, the design is Heart in Hand if I remember rightly. He's stitched using the same linen, and I added the wee R.I.P. charm to the top.

I'm pleased that Barb liked it as I didn't strictly stitch Autumn, I stitched an Autumn event.

Shepherds Bush exchange


Melissa was the name I had for the SBEBB Specific Designer exchange this time the designer was Shepherds Bush. I wanted to stitch something soft and small and nicely scented, so I decided to stitch the freebie Scatter Sunshine 1/1 on 32ct linen and make a small pin cushion/pillow, its filled with lavender from our garden so that it smells nice. I enjoyed stitching this very much and I am glad that Melissa likes it.

Thankyou all for your wonderful comments and visits and emails I truely appreciate them if I ever decide to make more bears to sell You will all be the first to know.

I was asked about how I take pics for my blog, and could I share some tips, all I look for is a brighter day so that the light is good, I get quite frustrated with the UK weather as sometimes thats very difficult. LOL! Hope you all have a great week!

For Nancy


I stitched one of Brookes Books cake freebies (which you can find - Here
for Nancy as it was the chocolate cake, it really was a nice one to stitch, and I'm glad she liked it too, Nancy has taken some lovely pictures on her blog of the wee hanging cushion I made her.

The cushion is backed with pink and white gingham, and trimmed with pink beads, and finished off with a copper coloured ribbon for the hanger and two chocolate brown ribbons as decoration. I scented the stuffing with my favourite smell - roses its a rose scent for pot pourri which made the stuffing smell gorgeous, I had to be careful using the scent as its an oil and I didn't want it to ruin the stitching, but it seems to have worked as Nancy said it still smells lovely.

Ok thats me all done and dusted for the weekend, Amy and I didn't make pumpkins yesterday she didn't want to in the end, so no pumpkins to show you, but we did do some cooking which was good and tasty, today Uncle Mark is going to take us both out somewhere, regardless of the weather - yesterdsay was the most awful day we had high winds and heavy rain in fact it didn't stop raining all day, but today looks a little better well at least its not raining at the moment.

Meet Daisy


Daisy was given last night as part of a birthday gift to Amy and she said that she liked her. The colours I was informed were just right for her new style bedroom, so I was happy and so was Daisy.


This time I used a checked fabric and used a pretty daisy print fabric I had in my stash. I blanket stitched the patches in a prim way with red DMC as a contrast. She has a ribbon on her head trimmed with some of the pretty flowers I received from Nancy.


See I told you that Rosie would have to get in on the act she is peeping up in the corner saying bye bye to Daisy. On Daisys' back I added a little tag again blanket stitched on. Her buttons on her legs and arms are shell buttons in a soft yellow.

I'm glad Daisy is going to a good home and will be loved she was worth all the effort. I took Rosie to work to show my colleagues (All male) and a couple have asked if I would maybe make a couple more for their daughters/girlfriends I haven't said I would yet as I have lots of stitching commitmments, but watch this space as I just might and a few others may appear.

Well I am off to make pumpkins with Amy as the weather is awful - not at all good for going outside in, Mark is golfing but has said he will be back early and maybe he will drive us somewhere.

Nancy got in touch this morning to say that she received my little gift I made for her birthday, I'll post pics after the weekend, Daisy wants her 15mins of fame LOL!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Wish granted by Chris


Pretty isn't it! I really think so, the colours are so very me not to pale but not to bright. Chris very kindly granted my wish on the GaW board the design she chose for me was from the Gift of Stitching magazine and this I can't believe - Chris said that this was her first time and doing this style of finish and if you could see it IRL you would know why I'm amazed - its really beautifully put together.


This is the other side of it, I can't decide which side is the nicest to display so I will change them round every week as both sides are equally pretty. Thankyou again Chris I really love it.

What else is new - well my niece Amy is coming to stay with us for the weekend she arrives tonight and I am so excited about it, I love having her over to stay, its her birthday next week so we always try for the weekend before her birthday, I have some ideas planned in my head for things to do - the weather is supposed to be awful too this weekend, so I don't think we will go far.

Ummm I've a confession too, I really tried and tried to resist and I did hold out until last night but I just had to do it in the end, I've joined the Me, Myself, I neighbourhood SAL along with mum, The 'designers' were out today (instead of drawing flow charts and correcting documents, the 'designer' was drawing layouts for Neighbourhoods, and thinking of house styles LOL!! At least its not to start stitching until New Years Eve. though I won't be starting then, my builders are proper contractors and won't start work until the 2nd or 3rd Jan, so they told me, they will be too busy partying to get a start and I would much rather the contractor didn't have a fuzzy head and blurry vision when the build starts!!

Heve a great weekend everyone, I will be back tomorrow as Daisy is now got a sulk on as she says she's posed for pictures, and she wants her 15 minutes of fame like Rosie did, though I do believe that Rosie managed to get in the photos somewhere too - sisters you got to love 'em LOL!!

Exchange from Dusty


Yesterday was a good post day and the postman brought me a lovely present, Remember a few posts ago I showed you the pinkeep that I sent to Dusty, well this is the one I received back from her - isn't it lovely, Dusty told me that it was her first pinkeep that she had made and let me tell you that you wouldn't know, its so pretty and perfect. Thankyou again Dusty for this lovely exchange I really enjoyed doing it.

Thankyou too to everyone that has left me comments and visited me I really appreciate your visits and I passed on the comments about Mums Garden exchange to her and she says Thankyou too.

I received another wonderful wish today but you will have to wait til tomorrow to see that one. Also Daisy will be making an appearance over the weekend, I would have shown her tonight but I received the lovely exchange from Dusty so I couldn't wait to show you it, so Daisy is being very patient.

Meet Rosie


I've been meaning to introduce you to Rosie the other week, she is the new addition to our little family.
Rosie came into our world with lots of swearing and huffing and puffing (all mothers can relate to that I think) with this mother swearing and declaring "Never Again" (though Rosie has a sister Daisy now too which will be introduced at a later date as she is a birthday gift).


Rosie stands about 12" high from the top of her ears to the bottom of her feet.


Yes she can sit down too as her legs and arms are moveable, I made her using the template from the Tilda book I bought at Fobbles the other month, of course she is personalised to my taste, the fabric I also bought at Fobbles too and to make her I used almost a fat quarter.I am really delighted with how she has turned out seeing she is the first bear I have created, I must admit she did give me a hard time but her sister Daisy was a much easier birth LOL!
Rosie smells beautiful as I used some rose scent in amongst her stuffing so she would give a gentle aroma of roses rather than bear LOL!!

MJ and Naomi both nominated me for awards - Thankyou so much for them I am really touched by your thoughtfulness. I am going to default this time on nominating others myself as I think everyone deserves one so consider yourselves nominated.

I hope everyone has a good week, the weather here is wet and windyish but I'm not complaining as I feel so sad for the folks in New Orleans, I haven't seen the news yet tonight but they have been in my thoughts all day today and I hope that the hurricane doesn't cause too much damage in the end.

Mum and Dad returned home on Saturday - what a brilliant week we had I really enjoyed it, Mum and I got lots of stitching done - and nattering and laughing and teasing it was really good and I know Dad had a great time too, he went out with Mark a couple of times to the pub for 'man talk' LOL! - I think they went to rest their ears from all the 'women talk' that was going on ROFL!!


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