The Ball

Last night we went to a Ball, the Onion club was celebrating 20 years as a club and we decided last year to celebrate this by organising a formal dance. What a great time was had by us all. Mark looked so handsome in his Tux

We sat on our table with Karen and Graham,and we had such a good giggle,

this is Karen and I, Karen wore a beautiful sequined dress we called it her mermaid dress and she looked lovely.

My SIL Dawn - missed you hun!! and BIL Jim and the boys were supposed to be with us, but unfortunatley J has damaged his back and they couldn't drive over - but we all had a great time, we danced to 'Midnight Express' and good duo and they sang a good mixture of music, people were up dancing to Dashing White Sargeants and St Bernards Waltz as well as to disco and barn dancing, it was good.

Mark took a piccie of me before we left so here is my dress, I love this dress and my glamorous shoes. Its velevet devore in shades of cherry and the back has a fishtail (not that you can see that here), which is good as it hides my big 'bum' LOL!! My wrap was a gift from my mum and this was the first chance I had to wear it even though I have had it a couple of years, this was a really soft velvet and covered in pretty sequins.

Blackbird SAL - Part 3

Well I have caught up a little with my Blackbird SAL, I am now about to start Part 4. I got behind with Part 3 due to me stitching exchanges - which have been great fun, though no pictures to show as yet cos I've not sent them out yet and because we have been socialising - August and September have been very busy months. Plus what didn't help was the 'frog' came a visiting and I had to frog out the whole of the tree on the right hand side.

If you would like to see our SAL groups progess we have an album which you can find here -
I have completed and finished my SBEBB 'Stitching Smalls' exchange piece and I am really proud of the way its turned out, so now I want to do one for me in the near future, - can't show a pic yet though.

Look what I got - Redwork from Cari

I received the most gorgeous Redwork exchange from Cari on Saturday, I really love it.

Its a scissor case, Cari told me its pattern was from Amonami Pierre which is one of her favourite designers. Its stitched on gingham linen and its all done 1/1 and has our initials on the back, I absolutely love it. Inside the case was the cutest small pair of scissors with red silk ribbon tied to them.

Thankyou so much Cari, this is so lovely.

Know your Onions

This may or may not come as a surprise but Mark and I grow Onions!! We are committee members of our local Onion Club and this year the club celebrates 20yrs. We only have 30 members so we are quite a small club. On show day we have to present 3 onions cleaned and dressed for the supreme category and 1 onion for the heaviest Onion award, then various prizes are given for most points awarded in show, movement of most places, best onion in show etc etc.

Also Mark and I have a mini competition between ourselves as to who beats who, well this year I did miserably against Mark (girl power didn't help me this year Annemarie), he moved up about 18 places to 8th and I dropped 10 places to 16th, still never mind there is always next year.

The winning onions were deservedly winners each onion weighed around 6lbs so our winner Dave really grew some beauties, he also won the heaviest onion class. My heaviest onion only weighed 4lb 7oz so I was out of the running fairly quickly

My redwork exchange to Patti

The redwork exchange from SBEBB has been great fun and I really enjoyed stitching for Patti and I was pleased to hear today that it had arrived to her. My pattern choice I used was Miniature Alphabets by V Graindorge and I used Vicky Clayton silk thread in Dragons breathe.

I decied to make it into a scissor holder, I stitched it 1/1 on some pretty banding that I had, then lined it in red material and added a silk ribbon fastened with 2 tiny hearts to close it, The scissors are attached using a magnet. I managed to find some dark red scissors to match the thread as well as I could and this was the first time I made a keep this way and was really chuffed with the way it came out. So much so I'm going to make myself one now.

A new Finish

Gosh isn't life busy, I don't think I've paused for breathe much all week, apart from when I have been sitting stitching. My latest finish is by LHN - Daisy Lane Cottage. Stitched on 32ct almond linen, the only change I made was the house colour as I didn't have the CC one and so used GAST Cornflower.
Haven't decided as yet how I will finish this one, maybe a box lid, maybe a cushion.....
I have also started again on the Blackbird designs SAL, we are now on part 3, no pics to show yet.
I had hoped the redwork exchange piece I did would have arrived at my partners, but as yet it hasn't, bu as soon as it does I will show a pic.

This weekend I am off to Durham and leaving Mark house/cat sitting, I am going over to my SIL and we are off to get our hair done, so next week I might come back with a total new style and colour!!!!

The Wedding

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Thought I would share a few pics with you of the lovely wedding we went to the other week of Jo and Tosh - Jo is my best friend Karens daughter, we had a really wonderful time.


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