Where Oh where..........

Has this week gone, its Friday and I just don't know where Mon -Thurs has disappeared too.
Firstly and MOST IMPORTANTLY - I want to say THANKYOU to EVERYONE who commented and who visited my blog after I showed you my Elizabethan pocket, WOW I was blown away with all your lovely comments and thankyou too to the newcomers to my blog who left me comments as well, I'm glad that you enjoyed your visit!!

Well I promised another finish for you to see, this one I finished stitching a couple of years ago now, but never got around to finishing. Its 'Busy Bee Sewing Case' by With My Needle (Ellen Chester). Its stitched on 32ct linen and I as always changed the coulours and used the Kaalund silk threads I have to stitch this.


This is the front of the Sewing Case


This is the inside and I lined it with a bee patterned fabric which I liked as I thought it was warm and bright.


This is the back of the case. I found I only had 5 little tiny bees and I really needed about 3 more, but I don't think it looks like they are missing.

Sorry Nicki - I never got to the Post Office with your exchange (the P.O. has taken away our little village one this week and I have to go 3 miles for the nearest one (difficult distance for a non driver to walk) now I will get there this coming week I promise.

Hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Its Finished!!


I have finished finally this lovely little pocket book which is in the January edition of The Gift Of Stitching magazine, for something so little its taken me 14 days to stitch and finish it for some reason, but never mind I am so delighted with my finish.


I didn't stitch it with the recommended threads in the magazine, I used DMC and its stitched on 40ct lambswool linen, 1/2. Its lined with cream silk fabric and all handstitched,


This is the inside of the pocket book, with a more close up view


This is a close up of the other inside pocket with my initials and year date.


This shows the back of the pocket


and this is a better view of the front of the pocket.

The pretty mother of pearl lovelies you can get a glimpse of were a wonderful, wonderful gift from a gracious on-line friend who I thank from the bottom of my heart for her kindness and wonderful talent, there will be more pictures of them in another posting and an even bigger picture of them collectively on February 1st.

I have also been looking through my finishing drawer and have completed another finish which I will photograph later today if the weather brightens up and post later in the week. I have also completed the stitching & finishing on my SBEBB Valentines exchange and my Seasonal Exchange - Winter, so Nikki watch out this week your winter exchange will be travelling down for you. - Maybe thats why my pocket has taken a while to do as I have stitched those 2 too.

I feel really Lucky......

... to have received such a wonderful PIF from Cindy , I didn't get one PIF I received 2. Cindy made me a gorgeous beaded fob with the most beautiful pimk glass beads and a butterfly charm and I found out from her that she had made it herself - I think she is going to post a tutorial soon on how to make them its really lovely.

The second fob to show that Cindy made is a beautifully stitched one by The Sweetheart Tree and its called Cherry Blossoms fob, its so lovely, I love the colours and the pretty beaded edged its really lovely.

I took close up pictures of both the front and the back of the fob, and you can see a closer look at all those wonderful Algerian Eyelet stitches and the pretty coloured thread that Cindy used.

Thankyou again Cindy for both of these wonderful fobs.

I am still busy stitching the Elizabethan pocket I'm 3/4 of the way through it now and I really love it, it seems to have taken me longer than normal to stitch this small project and I can't figure out why, but I am really happy with the way its turning out.

I started my new job yesterday and everyone is so nice - I think I am going to enjoy working with them, I'm the only female amongst 8 men, but they seem to be a good bunch.

Forgot to show....

...you the finish I completed before I finished the one for Mark.
This is a Mary Garry design - Arthur & Amelia, and is called the skating party, I've stitched this on 32ct champagne linen 1/1 using an assortment of different threads I have in my stash, and I have finished it as a pinkeep with a pocket in the back.
It was a real fun one to do.

I'm slowly getting on with my Stitchers Pocket and I am so pleased with how its turning out, I'm almost 1/2 way through it now.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

For Mark

As its the end of one year and the start of a new, I always stitch Mark a love token, this year I chose to stitch I love Thee by Ruth Ann Russell, from the February 2001 JCS magazine. Its stitched 1/1 on 28ct evenweave, I lined the back with red silk and trimmed using red silk ribbon and gold twist, I edged the end of the twist with beads. I stitched it using the gold Kaalund silk thread I have in my stash.

I have also been stitching on my next Seasonal exchange which is Winter and have that finished almost ready to send and I have also been stitching on my last SBEBB exchange which is the Valentine exchange and I am so pleased with how that has come out.

I was very excited when the new TGoS came out this month and have already made a start on the elizabethan pocket I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and started on it last night.


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