Message from Su

My sister Su has asked me to do a posting on her behalf to let you all know she is still around and OK, BUT has no computer as hers has died. She hopes to be back soon blogging and commenting hopefully within the month once her computer is either mended or replaced !


Errant blogger

You may or may not have noticed that I have been a little erratic in my blogging lately, for that I apologise as I have not been feeling much like blogging, emailing, visiting blogs or generally talking of late.

A lot has been happening here at home, and I felt I should give a little explanation of my errant contact.

After 13 1/2 years together Mark and I have parted, this all happened around 3 weeks ago, I am still living at home (as is Mark, but he will be leaving shortly), we are both still great friends and as much as I am finding it all very confusing, bewildering and mind blowingly numb at the moment I am taking each day as it comes, I have a lot of very loving support from my family and also too from Marks family, and I owe to my sister Helen and my SIL Dawn and my friend Bev extra special loving thanks for all their tolerance and listening to my fears and choices I am about to make with my new life.

I have been stitching and I do have some finishes, stitching as always keeps me sane, I haven't started on ANy of my exchanges as yet as I have no heart in that part of my stitching but I intend to start with them again soon, so I hope not to miss any deadlines, but if I do I apologise.

I hope to feel more inclined to take photos of my finishes later this week, if I do you will all be the first to see them.

From Dawn for her Mum


My SIL Dawn as you might recall, wanted me to teach her to stitch and finish, well she has been absolutley amazing, and for her mums (Mu) special birthday today she has made her a wonderful box. Above is a close up of part of the box top, can you see all the pretty beading.


Here is a glimpse of the inside and more of the top, she has used fabric to line both the outside and the the inside - all I must add with no help from me, its all Dawns work.


Here is the inside which she has edged with her own twisted cord and added a wee charm and tassle and used her own inspiration for adding the beads to the design to match the front.


This is the box top in its entirity - I am so proud of her finish and I know that her mum will adore it when she receives it. She has stitched it on antique white evenweave and used DMC threads.

Happy Birthday Mu


Tomorrow is my MIL Mu's Birthday and she will be 60+10ys (must have been a very good year, as both mums are 70 this year, mine and Marks)

I chose to stitch just a quick token gift for her and its Shepherds Bush 'Happy Day'. The linen and threads are all my own choosing as I wanted to stitch it in colours that I knew she would like, hopefully she will like this little token - I think she will. I have feather stitched the sides for added interest and the back is the same linen fabric with her name and a small flower on it.

Tomorrow I will show you what Dawn stitched and finished for her its a real treat I can tell you.

Coffin Buzz freebie


Today is my Dear SIL Dawns birthday and when I saw this gorgeous freebie from
Plum Street Samplers, I knew it had to be done for her.

She is an absolute coffee addict and she also likes to have a lie in and wake up to a good cup of coffee when she can, so this was just perfect.

I've stitched it 1/1 on 28ct linen (unknown colour) and used Carries Creations overdye thread called Cajun Coffee, . I thought that the linen colour reminded me of the top part of a latte coffee (her favourite type of coffee drink) colour and that was why I picked it. The backing fabric is a dark chocolate brown MODA fabric and I finished the edges using blanket stitch (its becoming a favourite type of finish for me I think), the hanger is some old twine string that Mark had and I thought it was reminiscent of Coffee sacks.

Happy Birthday Dawn - Love you loads!


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