3 Little Pinkeeps .......

......all in a row. How far shall they wander? How far shall they roam?


All three pinkeeps are by Sajou. All are stitched over one. I have used Gumnuts silk thread for 2 of them and Vicky Clayton for one.


- Gumnuts silk thread, trimmed with crystal bead on the top and glass headed pins


- Gumnuts silk thread, trimmed with velvet ribbon


- Vicky Clayton silk thread, trimmed with tiny ric rac braid and glass headed pins

Hopefully they will reach their destinations soon. Hopefully much quicker than my tea time exchange, I haven't heard from my partner yet as to whether she has received/liked it yet and I sent it 3 weeks ago, I really hope that it hasn't gone astray.

I have the finishing to do today for my Heres to Ewe exchange and then that can be sent next week. I have also been stitching a few Mary Beale designs, I just love her designs and feel in a MB mood, a dear friend found some charts and kindly sent me them so as soon as I saw them I wanted to stitch them all LOL!! One I have done for my SIL for her birthday which will be coming up soon and it was just perfect for her, I just need to frame it and it'll be finished I will take photos but the weather isn't great today for light, so just watch this space they should appear on my blog this week.

What else?..... well I have totally finished the stitching on my seasonal spring exchange it sort of got a little bigger and bigger as I went along, and I am really happy with it now for the finishing.

Thanks to everyone who visits and to those who leave comments I so appreciate your visits.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I hope that your weather is good too, we are due snow again, but at the moment its lovely and bright and crisp, though very cold, I am so wishing for sun and warmth as I am itching to get into the garden and allotment.I have managed a little stitching this weekend but not much really, we have been busy socialising which is fun.
Today Dawn (SIL) called in and gave me good chiropody session and my feet are looking great, all in readiness for our hols in 3 weeks, she says that she will do them again the day before we go and paint my toe nails all nice for me.- OOO it was bliss and I loved my foot massage.

Winter Exchange from Claudia


What a delight!! When I opened my parcel from Claudia I found the most wonderful exchange piece, Claudia had made me a workstation, its as lovely IRL as it is here in the pictures, I love it. The design is of course by LHN and its stitched and finished as is anything that is received from Claudia - STUNNINGLY beautifully. I also received some wonderful goodies too, some beautiful checked Graziano linen, some linen threads, the cutest easter candle. - Thankyou so much my dear friend I will be so sad when our exchange comes to an end.



What else on the stitchy front - I have almost finished my seasonal Spring exchange and have really enjoyed stitching what I have done for Nicki, I hope that she will like it too - I can't show and tell just yet.
I'm looking forward to this Easter weekend, we have Marks sister and family over although they aren't staying with us we have planned lots of socialising and the onion club has a function night on Sunday we are having a 'race night'. The weather is supposed to be very wet and windy too :-(

Tea time Exchange from Carol


Carol sent me this lovely little needleroll for the tea time exchange, isn't it pretty? Aren't the charms so sweet I love the wee tea bag charm I haven't seen one like that before I really think my needlroll is lovely, Carol also sent me some nice goodies too - which you can see on her blog.

The design is by Lorri Birmingham and stitched on linen banding, as always as is anything from Carol its beautifully stitched and finished, Thankyou so much for this wonderful piece Carol.

Hopefully my offering will get to its destination soon and that my partner I'm sending too will like what I have done.

We had a wonderful time last night - boring though we are (it was supposed to be fancy dress and we forgot so didn't dress up as anything apart from as ourselves)but it was really great seeing some of the costumes folks had taken the time to do, we had an Elvis and a Wild Bill Hickcock, we had several dubious nuns and a few tarts - funny how the tarts were all men dressed in ladies clothing LOL!! there was a 60's groovy chick and a Julius Ceasar to name but a few, we finally crawled into bed at 3:30am, so I have only managed to spring clean the lounge, the kitchen will wait for another day as I really don't feel like doing it today, I think I'll go and do some finishing instead LOL!
We are supposed to be at a 40th party tonight but am not sure whether or not we will make that one, I don't think my body can stand it LOL!!
Grenae asked me from my last posting if EEF stands for Ewe&Eye&Friends - Yes Grenae it does.

Thanks to everyone for your comments I really appreciate them and everyone who visits.

Mums Birthday Gift

For mums birthday I stitched EEF 's 'Sweet Rememberence' but I just couldn't think on how to finish it for her, solution solved mum and I were shopping last Saturday and mum wernt into the cancer research charity shop and there on a shelve was this tray which was perfect for finishing Sweet Rememberence.


I have stitched it on 32ct evenweave which was a subtle hand dyed by Polstitches, I used DMC and GAST for the stitching.

More stitchy news I received a lovely tea time exchange from Carol which I will take pictures of tomorrow all being well I had hoped to get them done today but I was so busy I never got chance. I have also finished Katrinas PIF (I hope that you are sitting down Katrina if you are reading this, and I have also done a couple of presents too whilst I was at my parents

I had a great time over at my parents I stayed an extra day due to the weather. I had a wonderful evening with Helen we nattered and stitched and drank wine LOL! - well I drank wine, it was lovely and we had a few great shopping trips out too. I didn't get home until yesterday and today I took as leave from work and started Spring Cleaning - Upstairs is done - tomorrow will be downstairs.
Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are doing - we are off to another 50th party tomnight so I had better get into the shower!

Mothers Day Gift

Last Sunday in the UK it was Mothers Day, and as always I'm late in giving my gift..... but I thought seeing as I was visiting mum and dad over this coming weekend I would take my gift with me when I went rather than post it.


As you can see I stitched mum a box top and accessories, the design on the lid is by LHN and is stitched on 28ct linen using DMC 815. Each accessory is also stitched with the same 28ct linen and the same DMC 815. The pinkeep is by miniatures d'alphabets and is called 'mon jardin'. The initial I found in my box of all sorts I think its french but haven't a clue by whom, both the pinkeep and the fob are stitched over one with one strand.


This is a view of the inside of the box which I padded and lined both the lid top and the base of the box. Also you can see the pinkeep and fob a little better. The tassel on the fob I made myself and added the beads. As I had the thread holder in my stash and I knew that mum liked them so I thought I would include it in the box for her.

So this is what I have been a busy with the past week or more, plus of course I have been doing some secret exchange things too which I can't show yet.

Mark has been busy decorating the bathroom over the last weekend and its looking good. No more nagging from me now for a while, I just need to find some flooring for there that I like now.
Last night we had a great fall of snow, now I know it won't be new and novel to most of you, but in the village its quite rare to get a good fall (well about a couple of inches) and especially to last all night and it did I was quite excited about it all Tash loves the snow and rolls about in it - crazy cat. Any how the snow has now gone, and hopefully we won't have anymore this week - yes I know I like it and get like a big child and excited but I have to travel over to mums on Friday with my gift.


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