Nothing New

I'm afraid I have nothing new to add today, I have been really busy stitching my 9th square on my NRR and its almost finihed and then I can share it, I needed to have it finished before next Tuesday and by the looks of it I'll have it done by the end of the weekend. Why next Tuesday you might ask, its cos we are going on holiday YIPPEEEEE!! Just for a week but for once we are going on our own, as wonderful as it is that our friends always want to come away with us, its come to the time when we need our time - if you know what I mean and so we have dumped the friends (in the nicest possible way of course) and its just Mark and I. - Oooh Sun, pool, novels, stitching and cocktails - BLISS total Chill!!!

So I will be posting again by this weekend and hopefully I will have some bits to share, now its decision time what to take with me next week in the way of stitching.


Rachael said...

Can't wait to see your second house. You holiday sounds wonderful- like just the right mix. Havae a great time.

Annemarie said...

Oooh, you're leaving next week? Can I come too? Oh no, I forgot. You and Mark want to go by yourselves... Good for you. I hope you have lots of fun and sunshine, and I hope you can leave the difficult period you had behind you!

Anonymous said...

Su I wish you very nice holidays! I go too on holidays to Turquie for 1 week and i hope come back with a lot of sun!!
Thank you for your french on my blog
Spend great time!

Samantha said...

Have fun on your holiday! :o)

Shell said...

you have picked a good time to go,it's so cold here.Happy sunning and chilling and even a little stitching.

Anne S said...

How wonderful for you ... having a blissfully relaxed holiday for a week - you'll have a wonderful time, I'm sure :)) Good luck meeting that stitching deadline before you go :)

Kiwi Jo said...

Hope you have a great holiday - have a cocktail for me!


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