My weekend

As my blog is a little about me but mostly stitching, I thought I would just pop in a few pics of our weekend we have just had over at Durham. I didn't take any actual pictures of Durham just of us lot. My 2 nephews Ryan and Kier, who I must thank for letting me spend 10mins on the computer on Friday night, which was really generous of them, as boys and their computers are not easily parted especially when Uncle Mark tells them 'Oh she says she won't be long, but its at least 90mins' which did of course cause a wee panic from Kier
We had a brilliant night and the red wine flowed rather to well as you can see by the state of colouration on Marks face and my BIL's eyes - LOL!!
Saturday day I spent with my wee sister Helen - sorry no photos, I forgot to take the camera, what a lovely time I had, I don't get to spend many hours with Helen on my own so I quite cherish the ones I do and although we often have a wee sisterly spat now and then we didn't fall out once (I know we sound like 15yr olds, but I'm bossy and she can be condescending, which we do laugh about it LOL!!) We wandered the streets of Durham in search of the perfect outfit and visited some lovely shops on the way, I love The Renovation shop it has some wonderful things for the home in there, we came out with some beautifully smelling rose soaps, but we could have spent an absolute fortune
Saturday night was a rather good night as we went out to a restaurant for dinner, but again the alcohol flowed rather too well and we had to visit 'Brown Sugar' to end the evening with cocktails, so here are just a couple of photos from there.



mainely stitching said...

What an obviously fabulously fun family weekend! I'm so happy you had such a great time!!

Annemarie said...

It looks like you had a great time this weekend Su, tht's wonderful. I imagine you could do with a laugh after the last couple of weeks!

Carol said...

Hi Su! Wow, you look like you had a most fantastic time - what a good looking family you have there :-)


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