How to be annoying

Well, I've managed to annoy everyone at work since Thursday, all my friends this weekend - haven't started yet on the family apart from MIL, - WHY?? you might ask - well let me tell you 'Did you know I'm going on holiday' ? We have only now got 3 and a half sleeps to go then we will be flying.
You know the snow I've been wanting and wanting? - Well, guess what, its coming next week when I go on my holiday - sods law that one, kneeeew that would happen, when you want something that much its bound to happen when you aren't going to be here, now as long as it doesn't prevent 1. Our journey down to Manchester Airport or 2. The plane taking off, then I really don't care.

Have I managed to annoy you yet - bet I will before Wednesday LOL!!!!


Leeland said...

Holiday! And snow! It sounds great! Hope you will enjoy it. I'm not annoyed really: I hate snow... My conception of good snow holiday is snow outside, and me inside a chalet not too isolated from civilization, but on my own, with a warm chimney fire and a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. And absolutely no good reason to go out (so there should be loads of logs inside the house filled with spiders?) No, I'd rather stay home with my cats chasing spiders for me.
Enjoy yourself, anyway, and don't break any leg!

Von said...

I'm with Lili all snuggled up next to the fire with a good book and a lovely stitching project, lol! I do hope all goes well in going off on your holiday.

Annemarie said...

Well, congratulations, Su, you DID annoy me there. I could do with a bit of sunshine myself. The heating still isn't working properly, and the heating guy refuses to show his head (because it's 'carnaval' and he doesn't feel like coming, I'm sure). Do you know what the weather is like in er... I'm sorry, I can't quite remember where your going, except that is't usually hot and sunny there. I'll send you an e-mail later this week.

Kim said...

LOL Go on be annoying! It's great that you get to go on a holiday! And by honor of that you have the right to be annoying till you depart. :D I hope it's a fun trip. :D

Anne S said...

Yep, definitely sod's law! haha - your post made me laugh :) Hopefully as soon as you get sat in that airplane seat, you'll be able to forget all about that snow - and fingers crossed there'll be so much of the stuff, it'll be there waiting for you when you get back! :D


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