Fear Not - Shepherds Bush

I loved this little Christmas Design by Shepherds Bush as soon as I saw it, just look at that little button and so I decided once I had finished stitching it that it was perfect for a little ornament.

Hope that you like it too!!

The snow is still lying around here in the Lake District, and its very cold, I'm glad to say I have now finished work until the 4th Jan, and have lots of plans of things I want to do over this festive time. Mostly, I want to get some of my framing done of all the pieces I stitched earlier this year, and I want to do some work on my patchwork quilts - Bev from Fobbles and I are going to have a day just quilt stitching together some time next week which will be fun.

On Christmas Eve I am going up to my friends Karen and Graham for a chilli and a few drinks - weather permitting of course, though they say we are going to have rain by Thursday, so it should be OK to walk UP the 'big' hill up to their home.

The rest of the time I will be spending it quietly and most likely getting phone calls from my family.

Well for all I don't have to be up for work Tasha hasn't seemed to realise that - so hence the early posting as she woke me up telling me it was past her breakfast time and that she wanted to go out to see what the weather was doing - Stupid Cat - I've made myself a nice cup of tea and I think I will go back to bed for an hour LOL!!

Hope that you have a great day and aren't running around too much.


CindyMae said...

That is gorgeous!! Wonderful finish!

JOLENE said...

How lucky for you to be able to enjoy a long holiday. Sounds like you will be busy but having some fun in the meantime. I love you little SB angel ornament. I have to agree that embellishment is the perfect finishing touch. I will be going to Shepherds Bush tomorrow. I may have to pick up the supplies for it since seeing yours makes me want one. Thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous! What a pretty ornament, I love the button. Congrats on the finish!

Patricia Lessell said...

Oh Su it is just gorgeous. I love Shepherds Bush designs and this is no exception. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Giovanna said...

Very pretty, and very sweet - Merry Christmas, Su!

Christine said...

Another very pretty ornament. Hope you have a lovely Christmas

Hazel said...

Another beauty! Hope you have fun with Bev. Say hello from me! Can't wait to see what next year holds retreat wise. x

Jane said...

Hi Su! I had to laugh when I saw we've picked the same background. What a good choice it is, anyway.

You've made a very cute ornament out of Fear Not. It's a sweet little design and looks lovely the way you've finished it.

I love your other photos of your white feather tree and ornaments. What a gorgeous glass bowl filled with Christmas balls. It really captures the eye! Lovely photography.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and thanks for commenting on my blog throughout the year. I've enjoyed looking at your stitching and beautiful photos.

Tatyana-posidelki said...

It's so wonderful! The button is so cute!

Nancy said...

Beautiful Su, and I agree, it does make the perfect ornament! I love the button.

It sounds like you have some nice plans for the holiday season. Enjoy your quilting and framing and sleeping in! My cats did the same thing with me this morning.

If you want to you can send me some of your snow!

Juls said...

Stunning! I have this one done and by my bed! It inspires me when I wake up every morning! Congrats and such a beautiful finish!!!!

♥ Sari ♥ said...

Very nice! :)


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