Camera Issues

Sorry no photos of works started or of Harry, I'm having a few camera issues at the moment, having hardly used my camera in 18 months its refusing to work properly or charge, so perhaps I need another.
While I'm on the subject of photos, now that Picnic has closed down any idea anyone as to where I can go to oomph up my pics when I finally take some?

Thanks all that have commented on my first posting of the year, Its really nice to know that I haven't been forgotten out here in stitchy blogland.

Now what am I stitching? I so wanted to show you how it was coming along, but without pics that's a hard to do, but I can tell you I'm stitching Beyond my Heart which is Loose Feathers pattern 32, of course by the wonderful Blackbird Designs. Stitching is slow going but hey whose in a rush, my speed has so slowed down for larger pieces (well maybe not larger pieces but definitely bigger than ornie size). Plus my work hours are longer than they used to be as I have a different job which I love, so my evening stitching is reduced by a good 3 hours, plus I am so into reading Debbie Macomber books - thanks to my sis and mum who have got me into them, I've almost finished reading the Cedar Cove series and I am currently on the 3rd novel of the Blossom Street series, such light reading but very enjoyable escapism.

So..................... as soon as I get the camera going I'll show pics.
Meantime if anyone can recommend a site like Picnic to make my pics look good, please do as I am so out of doing anything on the computer other than play games.


Giovanna said...

Beyond My Heart is such a pretty project, I hope you're enjoying it. Sorry I can't suggest an alternative to Picnic, as I always use free software (Gimp) installed on my 'puter.

Melody said...

Su, Glad you are doing some stitching. I don't edit my pics before posting... guess that why yours always looked so great...*sigh*.

I have read the Macomber books. Yes, they are enjoyable, I've just done the Cedar Creek series and Blossom Street. I'm an avid reader, mostly mysteries. Louise Penny is probably my favorite author of mysteries.

Are you on goodreads? If not, consider joining. You may friend me.

Gwen said...

Hi Su,
Have you tried or


Christine said...

Looking forward to seeing your Beyond My Heart when you get the pictures sorted out, it is a beautiful design

Carol R said...

Hi Su - good to see you posting again. I use PicMonkey which has more or less the same features as Picnik.
I look forward to seeing pictures of your stitching and, of course, Harry!

Katrina said...

Can't wait to see pictures and it's so nice to see you posting again!!!!! I don't have any good suggestions on programs to edit pictures, sorry.

angelasweby said...

Hi Su, really looking forward to seeing what you and Harry are up to as soon as you get a working camera :-)
Congratulations on the new job. Glad you are enjoying work.
I read the Cedar Grove series about a year ago and was quite addicted. What difficult decisions we have to make: cozying down to some stitching or snuggling down with a good book :-)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've read a few of the Debbie Macomber books, you're right they're very light and easy to read when you need to switch off.

Nicola said...

Google's Picasa is a good free program for your photos.

Anonymous said...

Su, PicMonkey is a good substitute for Picnic. I combine it with Pixlr Express.
Have fun !

Grace said...

Hi Su

Good to see you back in blogland!

Nancy said...

Hi Su! I hope you remember me. I am not much of a blogger these days either. I am in a frame of mind where I enjoy my stitching more if I don't blog, but maybe that will change some day.

I use a wonderful site for photos called PicMonkey. Here is a link -

Hope things are going good for you and Harry! Happy 2013.

Veronica said...

Hi Su, I am happy you are posting again, I wished the best for this year too and you can use this program photoscape, I hope you like it.


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