Things I must do for December

Well I have been giving it some great thought about the things I must do in December and have made myself a list again, this time on here instead of on paper.
1. Mark out blocks for Neighbourhood RR
2. Do some more work on WIP - Les Dentelles by Keeping Tradition - This is how it looks up to today. As you can see I still have a way to go with it.
3. Start Woodland Walk when the fabric arrives.
4. Stitch Friendship Sampler by Brightneedle.
5. Stitch snowman Mailart exchange from the Stitch and Stash board in readiness for posting imediatley after the New Year.


Barbara said...

You're going to be one busy bee!

Lelia said...

What a list of things to do ... good luck accomplishing any or all of them.


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