No stash Tuesday

No stash in the post today was awaiting some silkweaver fabric I won on eBay but it never arrived but the lady has emailed me to say she is ill and hasn't been able to get to the post office to send it, but hopes she can get someone to do it on Thursday , hmmm we will see, I have such a suspicious mind!!
I was expecting an order from Sew n so they emailed last night to say it had been dispatched but as yet its not arrived probably tomorrow, its for Mark, he has asked and asked me to stitch him something nature, he wanted a pheasant but there appears not to be any decent pheasant charts out there, unless anyone knows of any? So this is a Pollyanna Pickering kit called Woodland Walk, I will of course change the fabric as its on Aida and I much prefer to stitch on linen or evenweave, I think a subtle hand dye will be nice but I will wait until I actually see the design in the flesh so to speak before I make my decision.

Nearly finished the actual x-stitch on my mailart, then its sew the envelope up time. Have got my SB Snowman ornie to sew up too, at least I have cut the fabric and got the trim for it.

Sorted through some of my housey charts too when I got in from work, I thought I had more than I have but I'm sure I have sufficient.

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Barbara said...

Wow, Su, you've done a lot in here very, very fast! It looks great!

As for a pheasant, I've got one (believe it or not - I am a bird freak). Is size an issue? I think it's on the smaller side. It's one of my few realistic-type bird charts.


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