Needlework Prayer

I've said my stitching prayer for the night, this one I finished the other week its by Little House Needleworks and I stitched it 1/2 and used Swampwater WDW for the words, I love it and have it in my drawer ready for framing.
Still busy stitching SB Angel Pie didn't do much last night and haven't really done a stitch tonight yet.

A bit disappointing news as MarieLouise has dropped out of our Neighbourhood RR, with all her problems she is having at the moment I wasn't surprised as its such a big commitment and the real world has to take priority. But it was still disappointing none the less, I have let the rest of the 'team' know and Barbara - bless her is trying to find an 8th person, hope that she can as it will be much better for laying out the material Oh that sounds so selfish and I don't mean it too.

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