Here is my other finish for the weekend

This is the bottom part of Shepherds Bush Angel Pie. I stitched this on 28ct evenweave which is a hand dye I had in my stash by Dyeing for you. Its a lovely lilacy, lavender shades though the picture makes it look a lot darker than it is. It has tiny stars stamped all over the fabric. I jazzed it up the design a bit and added a button to the sledge and some tiny buttons to Santas tunic. I also added a few drop beads to the antlers on the fluffy sheep. I want to make this into a pillow which I hope to do over the next week or so.

Today has been quite hectic, I haven't even started any sewing on the Mailart envelope I'm doing, I must go and stitch. We have been sorting out cupboards in the kitchen and the 'Wardrobe' in our bedroom, what a clear out we have had, Mark has heaps to take to the tip and I am sending all the clothes and shoes and handbags (I never knew I had so many bags, its like my shoes they must multiply in the night when we are asleep), to the clothing bank and hopefully they will go to someone needy, I looked at a few of the things and thought eBay, but then I would have to photograph them, list them, measure them, store them until I sold them and then post them, and I thought Naaah!! can't be doing with that I want the space in the cupboards.

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