Stash man has cometh

Lovely day today, not only is it Friday, but the stash man made another delivery today, I received Thisbe needleroll and Stitchers needleroll in the post today, I won them on ebay the othr day, well actually I only bid and won Stitchers, but the lady was so nice as when I opened the envelope she had also added Thisbe chart as she had a spare and thought I might like it, I thought that was lovely of her and a complete surprise.


Isabelle said...

What lovely needlerolls! Your ebay lady is really sweet.

Thank you for putting your pin on my guestmap! You do lovely sitching! I've added your blog address to my Bloglines list.

Talk to you soon! Have a nice weekend, and happy stitching! The mailart envelope you made is very pretty too!

Barbara said...



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