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Visited Barbara's blog who had visited Gemma's blog and had pilched this, I thought it was good so now I've jumped on the bandwagon too....

10 Favorites

1. Favorite Season: Autumn.
2. Favorite Sport: Rugby Union.
3. Favorite Time: Night.
4. Favorite Color: Black.
5. Favorite Actor: Alan Rickman.
6. Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts.
7. Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate.
8. Favorite Food: Chicken.
9. Favorite Drink: Coffee.
10. Favorite Place: At home.

9 Currents

1. Current Feeling: A little sad.
2. Current Underwear Color: White.
3. Current Windows Open: Blogger, Outlook, 1-2-3 stitch.
4. Current Drink: Vodka & Diet coke with lime.
5. Current Time: 19:58
6. Current Mobile(s) Used: Samsung E350.
7. Current Show on TV: La Femme Nikita.
8. Current Thought: Wonder if Marks fell asleep
9. Current Clothes: T-Shirt & Tracky bottoms.

8 Firsts

1. First Nickname: Claris
2. First Kiss: What about it?
3. First Crush: Peter Hall.
4. First Best Friend: Liz.
5. First Vehicle I drove: Mini.
6. First Job: Babysitting.
7. First Movie: Bambi.
8. First Pet: Hamster - Hammy sweet little thing
9. First Shave: er.......!!!!

7 Lasts

1. Last Drink : Vodka & Diet coke
2. Last Kiss: 5 minutes ago.
3. Last Time: 5 minutes ago oh now its 5 and half.
4. Last Time Shaved: Legs and pits in the shower this morning.
5. Last Web Site Visited: 1-2-3 stitch.
6. Last Movie Watched: The Transporter.
7. Last Pill I Had: Thyroxine.

6 Have You Evers

1. Have You Ever Broken the Law: Yes.
2. Have You Ever Been Drunk: Ooooh Yes!!.
3. Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Yes
4. Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: No
5. Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yes - hasn't everyone??.
6. Have You Ever Broken Anyone's Heart: Apparently.

5 Things

1. Things You Can Hear Right Now: Robby Williams on my iPod
2.Things on Your Bed: Bedding, Tasha, pillows, cushions, trousers
3. Things You Ate Today: Prawn Sandwiches, chicken, roast vegetables, chocolate, banana.
4. Things You Can’t Live Without: Internet, stitching, caffeine, pets, nicotine, Mark.
5. Things You Do When You Are Bored: Moan, smoke, sleep, eat, listen to music.

4 Places You Have Been today

1. Bedroom
2. Work :-(
3. Lounge
4. Post Office

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now

1. Pens
2. Note pads
3. Envelopes

2 Choices

1. Black or White: black
2. Hot or Cold: Depends.

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die:

Have a ride in a hot air balloon

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