Finished it

I have finished mums mailart envelope tonight. I have really enjoyed stitching it. The front is a Scandinavian Stitches design from JCS Ornament mag. I used NN overdyed green for the fir branches. The back is a Pat Rogers Counted Collection design from the 1997 JCS Ornie mag. I again made changes and instead of gold around the hearts I stitched the whole heart in DMC varigated red. I also added red ribbon in place of the gold, plus I changed the holly leaves colours from DMC 500, 501 & 502 to my own choices to match the overdyed on the front. I really enjoyed stitching this one and I know mum will love it and it will come as a complete surprise. Now to get it weighed and put the stamp on and post tomorrow...


Isabelle said...

That's very pretty. A lovely attention for your mother!

Barbara said...

It is gorgeous!!


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