Busy weekend

Have been so busy this weekend, we have been decorating the lounge, how come when you do that particular room, every room in the house becomes massively untidy, I think and untidy fairy appears and makes it that way!! well at least thats over and done with for this year!! It un-nerved poor Floozi, he didn't like it one bit and it took a lot yesterday for him to come in and have something to eat, but at least now its all back to normal he appears to be. Tash, well she doesn't care as long as she has a nice warm bed to lie on and her food arrives on time. LOL!!

I have been busy stitching on mum's mailart envelope, I nearly have it finished now I can sit in the lounge, I stitched sitting on the bed yesterday, but just can't get comfy. When I've finished it, I will put up a picture.

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Barbara said...

The untidy fairy LIVES at my house. LOL

Can't wait to see your mum's envelope!


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