Phew ... what a relief

Stupid me, was having a blonde moment on Saturday and bid a lot of dollars for a Merry Cox small stuff which was in 4 magazines and the lady was selling on ebay the 4 magazines, the material and silks and beads to use, she put it on ebay for $11 ... couldn't beleive it so gaily went and bid without reading it all first one thing was after reading properly, she didn't take paypal, well OK you say, but I live in the UK she lives in the US, then she doesn't ship to anywhere but the US, panic set in thought NOOOO don't want to retract the bid as it will affect my status which is 100%, so thought HMMM I have 2 people in the states I could possibly ask a mega favour and send them a gift certificate for stitching or paypal them, anyway all the worry has been taken away and someone has outbid nme by a lot, and I thought my $48 was a lot, its now standing at $71 phew to steep for my blood, plus I couldn't get it anyway.

I had such a busy day at work today organising 26 men is like organising a bunch of school kids sometimes!!LOL!!

Tonight it was 'Fit Club' at least it wasn't as fast as last week my knees suffered too much, but it was really enjoyable this week, we actually all stayed in with the new routine.

Karen gave me a cd of the new Il Divo to download onto my iPod, must get on and do that sometime this week.

Have put a few stitches in the Mailart envelope and am busy scripting the address then it will be the back to do, haven't quite decied what to put on that yet, I think it will be either gingerbread men, or holly and snowflakes, will decide after I've eaten can't do anything on an empty stomach....................

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