Contemplating my needle and thread

Well I have decided that I would do my blogger.
At the moment I'm busy stitching the bottom part of Shepherds Bush Angel Pie, I thought I would stitch using a hand-dye fabric from dying for you, its got wee stars superimposed on it, when its finished I will place a picture.

I have been busy thinking about the massive RR that I'm involved in after the New Year, its a neighbourhood, I'm so, so excited about it all, I have bought new charts, hunted out old charts so I have loads of choice a wee houses and bits and pieces to make gardens and gates, fences and walls, I have even put myself together a note book. At least we have sorted amongst us all, our likes and dislikes and the order of the rotation. We haven't to send on until March as we decided a 3 month rotation was enough time, so this RR will last about 2 years as there are 8 of us in it.

Poor Mark is bored with it already, as I keep chattering on about it!!

I have had a busy year stitching, I have made lots of small, in fact miniature ornaments for the miniature tree. I think the biggest I've stitched is a about 1 3/4" I did them all 1/1 and it was great fun, I still think I need to do a couple more yet, but I will decided later. There is a few of them included in this blog.

I have also been busy stitching Christmas Gifts, I have done quite a few scissor fobs, I have stitched 2 scissor cases but as yet haven't stitched them together.
I still have to stitch a Mailart envelope for a friend in Holland and I'm involved in a Mailart exchange again in January the theme is snowmen, so I want to get started with that.


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