What kind of cat are you????

You are a Ragdoll! You are known for your laid

back attitude. You are the ultimate in

low-maintenance. You'd rather hang out

around the house all day than seek adventure.

What breed of cat are you?
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Funny this, this is my favourite cat and I have always wanted one, who'da known it, but I had one all along LOL!!, better not let Mark see this one as I have been working on him for the last 5 years to get one LOL!!!


Barbara said...

I came out as a Persian. I must've answered something wrong somewhere...

Lili said...

Great! I tried it on my blog, and linked you at the same time. I turned out as a Persian, but I quite agree with that one, even if their face just does not ressemble mine (I have a long nose...).LOL
Take care!


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