Minor stash day

Had a minor S.E.X. (Stash Enhanced Experience) day today, As part of the Stitch and Stash monthly ornament SAL for this year, its the new L*K Flippits and my first 3 have arrived, I think they are really cute and won't take long to do, my first one I am going to stitch (as I like to be different and not do as I'm told, or in the right order), will be Hope (No 48), next month I will do Love (No 46) and March I shall do Friends (No 48), only cos I think they match the months better, New year -Hope, Love - Valentines, Friends cos they are there!!


Barbara said...

Wonderful! And I like your reasoning for the order you'll be stitching them in!

Cathy said...

I haven't been able to get to a needlework store to look at these - I'd like to see how they are finished. It looks like LK is using wool - yes?

Shell said...

nice stash,will you use DMC threads or some of the overdyed ? I like these monthly flipits but it can work out quite an expensive project buying 12 charts.Bent Creek does something similar.

Maggie Ann said...

Your Flip It charts are adorable. I just bought one with a snowman on it that I love. So way aren't I stitching I ask myself? Your blog is inspiring...smile. I am just surfing stitching blogs tonight and its fun to see all the beautiful works finished and in progress.


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