The past few days I have seen some progress with my stitching, not as much as I hoped but at least I've done something

My first progress is on my Neighbourhood RR, I have started on my first house and garden, as you can see its not finished yet, but this is the progress so far.

Another progress for the weekend has been my mailart exchange envelope I have completely finished and sewn up the envelope, though I can't post pictures of it yet until I have sent it next week, just in case its spotted before its received.

Lastly I received Nellys DT RR, from MarieLouise, I have chosen to stitch DT's Too tiny too sampler, I scanned it tonight but it hasn't turned out well on the scan, so I'll post a better picture tomorrow, this I'm doing 2/2 although it should be 1/1 but it would be far to small if I did it 1/1.

I still haven't done anymore work on Les Dentelles or Pinn Mermaid Heaven and I still haven't got ready for stitching Woodland Walk, but I have found the chart I want to do for this months 1-2-3 Ornament SAL, courtesy of Maria and I will be doing that this week sometime and will let you see when its done.

My next small project for this forthcoming week following the SAL is a stitching small and I am still trying to decide what I want to stitch its a toss up between DT Samplar necessaire or DT Rabbit pincushion, but there again I could change my mind again.


Danielle said...

Hi Su,
Thanks for the nice comments you have left on my blog. I have been by here before, but I haven't had a chance to leave a message. Your work is really lovely, too, and I think we share lots of favorite designers, too!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great little house, this will be fun to watch develop.

Cathy said...

Your neighborhood RR looks lovely! There are always so many things I want to stitch too and just not enough time to fit everything in!

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Your off to a great start with the neighborhood RR.

Barbara said...

Oh, I have to get busy, too! Your house is GREAT! My house is ... still somewhere between my brain and my fingers. Oh, I need more hours in the day!

KarenV said...

Great start Su - I'd love to do a neighbourhood RR, it looks like fun!


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