New Just Nan designs

Oh I soooo want these designs, I found them today over on the Just Nan website, I love 'Winter in the Square' and the winter visions charm, this is I'm afraid a MUST HAVE for me, its part of a collection of 4 another will be out next month, now I'm off to hunt which online store has it already so I can order it, I also love 'Jasmine Mix' the companion to Wintry Mix which is nearly at the top of my Christmas to do pile, and the last one I like and I'm sorely tempted I can tell you is 'Flying Colours' its part of her Lessons in Linen series, I just like the design and the small acompanying one too.


Shell said...

they both look great designs to stitch.The charm on Jasmine Mix looks interesting.Happy Shopping

ria said...

Oh I have just been sooooo enabled! *grins* I love her new designs!!

Danielle said...

I love these JN designs, too! I have Winter Square on order from Needlecraft Corner. She is offering the whole thing kitted up for a special discount price. I also love the little WhimZi designs, and I have ordered a couple of those, too! I plan on adding Winter Squares to my current rotation. I am really in the mood for something by JN at the moment!

AnneS said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - I came over to repay the favour, and found a real treasure in your blog :) You do some lovely stitching. I have to admit, like you, I absolutely adore the Just Nan Winter Square ... I'm supposed to be on the Wagon, but this one is definitely going on the wishlist for later :)


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