Barbara from Mainely stitching tagged me, so here are my answers to the questions:

4 Jobs you've had
1. Nurse
2. School Matron
3. Garden Centre assistant
4. Barmaid
None of the above are in particular order.

4 films you'd watch over and over
1. Breakfast at Tiffanys
2. Under the Tuscan Sun
3. Calender Girls
4. Ghost Ship

4 T.V. shows you love to watch
1. Lost
2. CSI Miami or Vegas
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Property Ladder
I actually could add more to this as there are a few others I really love to watch

4 Places you've been on holiday
1. Feurtaventura - been here over and over and over LOL!!!
2. Zante
3. Bruge
4. Devon

4 of your favourite foods
1. My curry
2. Lasagne
3. Chocolate Fudge Cake
4. Prawns

4 Places you'd rather be right now
1. Feurtaventura
2. Feurtaventura
3. Mauritus
4. Feurtaventura

4 sites you visit daily
1. Sanman Chat board - really nice people on there
2. Cyberstitches
3. Veroniques blog
4. Our neighbourhood of Makebelieve blog - Its in my links

4 Bloggers you are tagging
1. Jennys stitching
2. Shell a stitcher from Nottingham (To Knit or to Stitch)
3. & 4. Now here I would have put Annemarie but she's been tagged by Barbara already, so then I thought of Dianne but I think she was tagged by Barbara too.


Barbara said...

Oh, Breakfast at Tiffany's (barbara smacks forehead)! I should've put that one down! I should've put 8 movies I'd watch again & again and skipped the TV part.

Your finishing is great on all three of these projects!

Africa said...

It's Fuerteventura not Feurteventura ;P
Hugs from Spain

Susimac said...

Ooops I always spell it wrong my fingers type the way the brain was thinking if you know what I mean, I apologise to anyone out there who reads my blog from Fuerteventura, thankyou for pointing it out LOL!!


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