A New Year

A New Year celebration wish to you all from Mark and I. We had such a wonderful night and we had some amazing fireworks which lasted for 25 minutes - everyone all clubbed together and bought loads of them and Mark and Graham (Karens husband) went off just after midnight and let them off, we had such a spectacular display. Nugget here took what I thought was a wonderful group photo of us all and off course its turned out very abstract and blurry, so I can't show you us all.

I have started on my Neighbourhood RR and began stitching my first home, I'll update with pictures later this week, and I have also started on a SB freebie called Bee Happy and I hope to have that finished tomorrow, but its back to work then, so I will only have stitching time on the evening.

I have to put the fabric on my stitching frame for woodland walk which I will do later today so thats ready to start stitching at the weekend - I have decided to make that my weekend stitching for this month and then rotate next month with Les Dentelles.

I'm going to make cumbrian pasties for tea tonight as Mark is out playing golf and will I'm sure will be bringing some of his golfing chums back.


Barbara said...

What a great picture! And you started your neighborhood?! I'm a little nervous about putting in those first stitches....

Carol said...

What a nice photo of you and Mark! Happy New Year to you too!


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