Isn't it exciting...

our neighbourhood of Makebelieve is off with a whoosh!! The link to our blog is in my links. I am so excited about it all, thanks to Barbara for setting up the blog.

We are a group of likeminded stitchers who after discussion amongst ourselves and inspired by the neighourhood sampler that we found by another group of ladies decided to do our own, its a RR and our first posting date is 15 March, there are 7 of us in it, Annemarie, Barbara, Novia, Rachael, Dianne, Veronica and myself, it should last about 18 months as we have a 3 monthly rotation.

Unfortunately I have no photos today of any finishes, stitching or the like, I have been busy stitching and blogging (well reading loads of blogs) and unfortunately feel YUK!! (I know AGAIN), I seem to have got a cold, must have been from all the kissing at New Year LOL!!

I would like to thank everyone that visits my blog and I love comments thankyou for those, I haven't quite figured out how to answer some of the questions so that the question er, can have an answer so if you know please can you tell me how to do it and then I can answer them or do I just post an answer on my blog???

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Annemarie said...

Don't ask me, Su. You're way cleverer at this blogging thing than I am! I was going to ask YOU for advice :o) Anyway, I think you're blog looks fab-o. Just wanted you to know. Annemarie


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