Round Robin

Today was a good post day, my friend Marie-Louise sent her RR on to me, and it came today. She has done a variation of Drawn Thread Real Roses and its so lovely, included with it was some thread that she had dyed herself its a beautiful deep plum colour, really lovely, I have already made a start on it tonight, we are a little behind as poor ML had a car accident a few weeks ago and hurt her neck and back and so of course had real difficulties stitching, so I want to get stitching and try and make up a little time as I expect the next part of the Drawn Thread RR we are in will be arriving before to long from ML.

The last few days when I have had time, as I didn't want to start on a new project as I knew this was on its way, I have been diligently stitching Les Dentelles, I have managed to fill in the lacy part of the large piece of lace and I have done another whole strip of lace below it, later when the camera is re-charged I will add a photo of my progress.

Also today I have been fiddling around with squares on the computer for the big Neighbourhood RR, although I have blocked it into 9 there are only 7 of us in it, so I was trying to think of a way to fill the extra squares without putting in extra houses and I think I have come up with a solution, I'm putting a river and a bridge in it, I have to admit it was mum who planted the idea last weekend, and I know that I will have to share the idea with her, so I was putting different variations together and will email them to my sister to show mum (wish mum had a computer, it would make life much easier sometimes for her).

Footnote: Re the lights saga
Tonight after they have been off all day, the lights are kind of working admittedly they are doing their own thing, not what they have been set too, but in a fashion they seem to be working, Mark has rang where we got them from today as he was off work until this evening and he is going to take them back tomorrow and put up the new ones - Way hay!!!

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Barbara said...

Hi Su - your RR idea sounds great. When we were originally doing 9 squares, I was going to make my whole top row water-oriented. I've cut it down to 5 squares now, in a circular formation, and I'll fill in the the corners with our names & dates. I am really looking forward to starting this one!


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