Now what will tomorrow bring?

Well seeing as I'm waiting for some more things I bought from ebay, like the Needlepoint kit of the pair of pheasants, 3 more small pieces of silkweaver fabric and another SB Needleroll, I wonder which will arrive first, It'll be a case of 'watch this space'.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the cats, but only Floozi would oblige, and as you can see he is in mid wash mode, Tasha tends to be camera shy at times but if she is in the right mood then she will even pose for me, but the only digital one I could find was her back end when she was chasing her ball, I'll save her until tomorrow or later on, when she comes in from wherever she was so desperate to go 10mins ago, she's like me very camera shy.


Carol said...

Floozy is a cutie!

Isabelle said...

Aww he's cute! Looks really sweet-tempered too! Now I'll be looking forward to Tasha! :)


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