Distracting day

Today has been a very distracting day one way or another, for some reason I awoke early in fact it was my normal, weekly get out of bed time, should have realised then what today would be like, Mark calls these days Susan days LOL!! I had decided to start wrapping gifts and writing cards and posting mailart etc etc, ....sat for the first hour looking at the curtains thinking I hate those curtains, they never ironed well after washing and the lining didn't shrink the curtains did on washing, -- Good start to the day, one cold cup of tea later, Tasha decides that she wants to sit on her mums knee and she is very wet as its raining!!

Eventually managed to drag myself upstairs to dress and wash, side tracked myself with the computer, another hour and another cold cup of tea, Mark shouts bye as he is off out for the day, gets dressed as I have looked at the clock and its 9am, need to get to the Post Office - that was a fairly uneventful journey, stopped to take one cat home as Floozi thought he would come with me, Tash is remaining at a respectful distance - she knows its a Susan day too! Sets off again to the P.O. posts the envelopes, chats to a neighbour wanders home - side tracked to talk to a friend queuing at the cash machine, which reminded me I need ed to get some cash, wanders home with the intention of going back to get some cash from the hole in the wall, - sidetracked by the phone ringing. 20mins later a slightly warmer cuppa, sets off for the HITW, stashman cometh - sidetracked had to open the exchange parcel I got, from the wish list exchange - gooood stuff in it too, baby ort bag, Hand-dyed fabric good choice - phone rings friend - come to Workington with me I need advice (this is a male friend who dithers a lot), be round in 10 mins, - gets changed ready for a shopping rip, sets off everything goes well, bought new curtains in a nice 'posh' curtain shop, few wrapping things Mark a pair of slippers, DF wants to go to the BIG stores on the trading estate - OK off we go, lets get a McDonald's says I, good idea says he, hour later after being in BIG store looking at fridges, cookers, telephones (which by the way was what DF wanted the advice over - no nothing exciting as to what he should buy the girlfriend for Xmas, like perfume, etc, no he wants a phone for his house -typical man.

Hits the drive thru' - yep you guessed it never went to HITW - no money!! DF to the rescue, and bought me lunch (well it was the least he could do after I trailed about and all he wanted was a phone!!

Finally goes home, dither, dither shall I wrap, write or read, reading won, so back on the computer - Notice I haven't dome a stitch yet all day and its now 14:30 AND its Saturday no stitching - withdrawal symptoms!!

Decides next plan would be Write, Wrap or stitch? - Yep you guessed it, phone rang - so I talked instead.

Finally managed to get off the phone from some women looking for Marks mother!! dunno what that was all about but 80th birthday parties and messages were part of it!!???

Wrote about 60 cards (thats about half) then I had a choice again, but the cats wanted feeding and playing with so they won for an hour, Mark came home, so chatted to him for half an hour then he went down the pub - should I stay or should I go? no I stayed deceided not to go with him I should go read - might be something important, no emails - ahh I'll just check 1-2-3 for a natter, oh phone again, wrong number - now what was I doing? oh I remember, wrapping gifts, did half a dozen Mark came home, had tea, he's watching golf, where am I - oh here of course, need to do some stitching will not be sidetracked any longer Oh and by the way, still never got to the HITW for some cash....


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Ha ha ha ha!!


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